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    Chair moistener.
    just got this from perry marshall, could have some real promise! :nana:

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    From: "Perry Marshall" <>
    Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010

    Writers Go Head-To-Head To Improve YOUR Google Ads

    Some friends of ours put together a clever crowd-sourcing site for
    improving your Google ads.

    Ad writers compete with each other to increase your Click Thru
    Rate. You only pay when there's a winner.

    Or if you like writing ads, you get paid every time you improve
    other peoples' ads.

    This is already a lab for all kinds of cool case studies. I'm
    going to start sharing them with you. Plus, my Renaissance Club
    and Mastermind Club members will receive in-depth extensions of
    these reports in the members area.

    Here's the first free video:
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    I have started doing online consultancy to offline companies and this exact strategy gets you right in the door but you are the only one getting the clients better results.

    If I am at a networking event I ask people if they are using adwords and I guarantee to save them money - they need to be simply using noob methods (ie no split testing, no idea of quality score etc.

    Then I just put up better optimized campaigns using better keywords, better ads and better landing pages, check the results and split the difference of the better winning campaigns.

    The best part is that it is easy to get an ongoing % but you must tell the clients that you are not fully optimizing the initial test campaign just proving you are better at it than them - reason being if they think you have nothing else to give they simply drop you but keep the campaigns going and lets face it they now know about split testing and quality score etc so in a way they are right

    Anyone else got any stories about this.


    Just so you know where I get my other clients here's a hint:

    local search - oh look at that amateur advertising on google close to where I live making loads of mistakes
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