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Omni Knoweth

Nov 27, 2014
Free + Premium Information

Request for a full refund if you buy this course and you fail to earn money from day 1 of starting

Replicate The Secret I used to Make Constant Income Anytime my e-Mail Campaigns are opened.

Sweet viewers,

Are you monetizing your email campaigns?

I mean do you get paid when you send a newsletter, message or campaign and your receivers or subscribers open the email you sent to him?

Well, the secret I am about to reveal to you is 1-2 websites that pays you to monetize your newsletter, message or campaign.

The System is Called Email Monetization

Right before I discuss what the $Email Monetization system is all about plus how to get the "FREE" pdf & video I created myself to kick start your journey to Email Monetization and start earning right away.

My name is Mr Kollydaton and I am well known as Omni Knoweth in big forums, Social Media, Blogs etc.

Let me tell you a short story...

I battled with some illness for over 6 months during last year's pandemic and hence I was offline on the internet since then. In fact, I was unable to take care of my business and for this reason 95% of my businesses went down.

In fact, I had lost a lot of business deals because of this and I was unable to offer support for my customers who bought my products.

Shame to Covid-19 for the horrible Virus

Glory be to my creator I bounced back earlier this year and came across a system called Email Monetization.

It was really easy for me because email marketing is one of my best fields.

I applied with this site that allows you to add ads into your newsletters and in turn earns you money.

I was accepted and I earned good income to clear off debts and as well currently in good shape.

If you are one of my type or maybe you just need a guaranteed steady income that could fetch you good catch every single month with no much stress

…then you are lucky to be here today because I am going to show you inside the Email Monetization package how to earn a lot of money sending emails and when people open your eMails you get paid.

Today, I am going to show you all you need to know about this site.

...but why am I sharing this for FREE?

I am doing so to help people who are affected by the pandemic in order to rise again from their business breakdown.

This does not require much hard work once you get your account approved. It is not a go and come back system before you start seeing results.

The result is Instant!

Here's what you would get inside this 85% FREE PDF GUIDE

=> Tools needed at hand before you sign-up with the site
=> The name of the site and how to signup with them
=> Similar question they could ask and also sample template you could use and answer those questions
=> Free ,Valid and highly responsive 2k USA B2B leads you can start with
=> Video of how to perfectly create a very simple campaign + How to integrate the company ads into your newsletters.
=> The cloud software I am using to create the campaign plus how to have access to it for FREE (For Testing Purpose Only)
=> And lastly, to my minimum support.

Here's how to get your free package.

1. Scroll down to see our contact details below
2. Use any of the contact details to message us
3. And then request for the Free package (Make sure you include the url of this page)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask using the thread comment section.

All the free benefits listed on this thread are inside the free link you would get as I have fulfilled them there.

This system also has a premium version but it is not mandatory. You get the premium version because it is for specific people and you may not fall into such a category. You would see the benefits of the premium version inside the free presentation guide or you may read below what all the Premium benefits contains.

PREMIUM OFFER (It is not mandatory you opt-in to the premium offer if you have all the requirements and you are not too busy to setup your Inboxads or PowerInbox)

Special Done for You Offer for 10 BHW Users Only

  • I am going to teach you the part of email marketing that would get you started with Inboxads or Powerinbox ASAP.
Explanation: The reason why I am offering this benefit is because of those who do not have or has little email marketing experience. If you know you have your way out concerning email marketing then this is not for you.

  • I will create a domain, build a news website and host it for you. And lastly add hot news website that would get your Inboxads or Powerinbox account approved ASAP
Explanation: Yes, one of the requirements to get your Inboxads or PowerInbox approved is having your domain and news website ready. I am going to do this for you but if you know how to do it then you don't need this benefit.

  • I will grant you access into my ready-made cloud Autoresponder Software plus how to use it to build your newsletters
Explanation: There's a free video already regarding how to build newsletters but you can't use our ready-made autoresponder cloud system to send out emails but if you go premium, then we would integrate it with email server and also send you video on how to use the system to send out your email. You will only be able to add 100k subscribers into the Autoresponder Software for free but you can upgrade later if you wish.

  • I will build a bulk email server for you with the latest PowerMTA™ v5.0r3 and dedicated 10 IP’s plus Integrate it with the ready-made cloud Autoresponder Software. (Please note that you would need to buy the server and IP's yourself and also continue paying $25/month for your email server. I am going to recommend a good hosting for you.)
Explanation: Oh yea, I shall completely setup email server for you with the latest PMTA software and then integrate it with the ready-made autoresponder cloud system but if you know to do this already then you do not need this benefit.

  • I will give you 50k valid and responsive USA B2B email leads. I have more than 10 Million leads verified by
Explanation: Yaga, this is eMail Monetization and you need more leads + IP's to go earn bigger. So, in cause of this and aside the leads I gave you in the free packages, I would give you extra 50k valid leads to start with and you may buy more leads later if you wish.

PREMIUM PACKAGE FEE: $1,500 $500 Limited Discount Only

If you have more questions concerning the premium offer please let me know.


Question: How is that possible? I have never heard of such before
Answer: Anyways, I already mentioned the name of the two sites and you may do your research on them.

Question: What does their payment look like?
Answer: They pay per RPM and they pay between $3-$14 per RPM depending on the quality of your traffic. I am literally saying they pay up to $14 per 1,000 opens. This simply means if 1,000 of your subscribers open your eMails you may earn as high as $14. Imagine you have 50k opens etc.?

Question: When do they pay?
Answer: They pay net 30th of the following months. (What I mean is that, if you earn in August, your August earns will be paid in September 30th etc.)

Question: Payment Method?
Answer: You can get your payment in up to 4 payment methods which are Direct Deposit/ACH, Wire Transfer, Check & PayPal )

Question: How much can I earn in a day/month?
Answer: I do not like giving numbers but the fact is, if you have more leads and IP's to use for your campaigns then $30-$100 a day is possible and even up to $5k in a month is possible. This all depends on your ability to work and invest.)

Question: Do I need to pay any other fee after buying this course?
Answer: Basically No, but Yes if you want to invest further in purchasing leads, IP's, Servers and other extra work not included in the premium service.

Question: Is this scalable? | Will it get saturated?
Answer: This is 100% scalable and it would not get saturated except the company stop working due to their reason but I do not think that's possible at this moment.

Question: When will the work be delivered after payment?
Answer: It will take between 7-14 working days to deliver your work due to the PMTA & Website Installation and configurations.

Question: I have more questions not answered?
Answer: Please scroll down and contact me using any of the contact means below.


Here is the type of payment method we currently accept for this course.

1. Bitcoin: No additional charges needed
2. Direct Payoneer to Payoneer: No additional charges needed
3. Debit/Credit card via Payoneer: No additional charges from my end


We guarantee earning from Day 1 of implementing this method: Which means once your work is delivered and you start implementing the method, you will start earning that same day and if you fail to earn the same day after following our instructions on how to implement the method. We will refund you in full and even add $50 extra for wasting your time.

Please note that we can only refund you only after we deliver your work and you follow our instructions, then you are not earning.


You would be supported for 30 Days for Free and your support will start reading once we deliver your work for you. If you would need to get additional support then it would cost you extra $62 per month.

Note: Feel free to ask your questions before ordering.

We would surely give you the best with God's grace.

Finally, here's how to get your free package or optined for the Premium value

Kindly use the contact means to get in touch with us requesting for the free package or premium value and we would do the needful.


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Would like to read more in the Free version. If its good then i might order the premium version. Just sent you telegram message.
Got the free package! it's good information have with clear directions on starting and he's quite responsive to questions :) .
Please send the free package my way. This is interesting.
i would like to get a review copy
No review copy, only FREE copy available. And if you are interested Please make use of the contact details via the thread or signature to contact us in order to get it.

Very interested to know more about the concept
Please make use of the contact details via the thread or signature to contact us in order to get it.

can i see the free package plz
Please make use of the contact details via the thread or signature to contact us in order to get it.

Please send the free package my way. This is interesting.
Please make use of the contact details via the thread or signature to contact us in order to get it.
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