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Get paid $5, $45, $50 per referral by getting people to signup at a legit cashback site

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by wystr, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. wystr

    wystr Newbie

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Was asked by a mod to open a thread in this section instead. This method is not just plainly spamming your referral link to untargeted people. So, please read the full thread before commenting.

    Basically, this method involve getting targeted user to sign up for a cashback service.
    When you sign up for this site, you will get $5 bonus credit and for each user you refer to you will earn $5 for the first user, $45 for your second referral and $50 for the third referral.

    So, by just getting 3 targeted users to sign up, you will get $100 + the $5 bonus you get upon sign up.

    To get started:
    Sign up
    Non Ref Link: http://ebates.com

    I will list the important points in this post, for full details, you can check the original thread here. http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/making-money/803520-earn-5-45-50-genuinely-referring-people-join-legit-cashback-site.html

    What's a cashback site?
    A cashback site acts as the middleman, when user visited ebates and initiate the visit to online stores such as Ebay, Amazon, Godaddy, Bluehost, HP, Walmart, Newegg, Adorama, etc Ebates will act as the affiliate and the stores will pay ebates a % for the referral. And then ebates will pay a certain % back to us as reward.

    What's the catch?
    In order for the person you refer to qualify as referral, they will need to spend at least $25 through ebates. Note that they do not have to buy anything on ebates (ebates itself is not a store). They just need to initiate their visit to one of the 1800 stores that has partner with ebates (i.e ebay, amazon, hp, compgateway, etc)

    How can we get targeted referral?
    In the previous thread I have listed several methods. If you already have a targetted email list (deal, earning niche), then you can target them right away. Write an article about how to earn extra cashback through ebates and list some of the major online stores that they can get cashback from.

    Can we start off with $0 and no email list.
    Of course, you just need to be creative and give this method a spin. One possible method is the popular dropship method.
    1. Look up for cheap item on amazon
    2. Sell them on ebay at a higher price and get some earnings.
    3. After the customer pay, look in your paypal email for their email address.
    4. Send them a thank you mail to that email address thanking them for their purchase, and let them know they can get up to 5% back if they initiate their ebay purchase through ebates.
    5. Profit?

    Of course, they are many other ways but the important note is you need to target those users who are already spending money on one of these online stores anyway and you are offering them a way to get extra cashback. In the meantime, you will earn $100 for just 3 qualify referral that uses ebates.

    Ebates will be doing double cashback once in a short while and holiday season is close by. So, people will be spending anyways. Go out there and target them!

    Good luck to you all.
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  2. jesseidvert

    jesseidvert Newbie

    Nov 18, 2015
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    Oh,that's is a great promotions,
    idvert also have the same.
  3. Cryogenesis

    Cryogenesis Elite Member

    Sep 1, 2013
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    Spent all my time on this thread only reporting it.
  4. FastQuick

    FastQuick Newbie

    Oct 24, 2012
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    i think mr rebates is better.. but nice ad


    Nov 21, 2015
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    Guys... Thanks for these offer.I appropriate you to carry on. I needed such offer but I don't know about your previous thread. I have to read it. Here, I don't clear that how can I inspired the person who are interested in it. Please describe It through Pm. I'll read it and then come in a decision. After third person if I include another what will happen? will you pay for these? Clear me please.