[Get] Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 2.0 - 181 Page Outsourcing Guide/Reference

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    Ok, so I was just cleaning out my computer and came across a 181 page guide with all kinds of references to the following:

    • Account Creation Services
    • Article Writing Services
    • Backlinking & SEO Services
    • Graphic Design Services
    • Keyword Research Services
    • Product Creation Services
    • Programming Services
    • Social Marketing Services
    • Video Services
    • Virtual Assistant Services
    • Voiceover Services
    • Website Creation Services
    • Wordpress Services

    Almost like a little black book of some cool resources.

    A friend of mine shared it with me a while back, so I thought I would share it incase some people have a need for this.

    Now, I owuldn't suggest using it for backlinks, etc...but I found some very cool stuff like voiceover and video services.

    Here is the mediafire link:


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