Mar 26, 2020
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  • Fresh and never used phone numbers from the USA for SMS Verification. Our service works in 3 simple steps.
    1. Sign Up
    2. Add Funds
    3. Order Phone Number and Receive instant SMS code
  • PVADeals established in 2019 with just a Skype group. We used to sell phone numbers and SMS verification to our customers on Skype group chat with the help of our internal team. Within a year, we were able to start the development of the current high-end, fully automated website. Cheers to our early birds for believing in us and having patience.
What Are Our Primary Services?
  • Short-Term Rental (STR)
  • Long-Term Rental (LTR)
  • API to create your own reseller website
  • 24*7 Customer Service
5 Reasons To Choose Us over the competition
  1. Choose State for getting a phone number; all US states.
  2. Desktop and Mobile (Android/iOS) optimized browser-based website.
  3. STR - Get 15 Minutes To Use Number
  4. LTR - Get 30 Days To Reuse Number
  5. Receive Unlimited SMS; 2nd or more SMS is not charged separately, unlike our competition.
  • Major websites are $0.5/verification; find detailed rates on https://app.pvadeals.com/
  • Accepting BTC, LTC, USDT TRC.20, PayPal, Perfectmoney, Payoneer, and Skrill. (Minimum $3 refill)


Contact Details
  • Frequently Asked Questions is up to date on our website FAQ
Refund Policy
  • Since 2019, our refund ratio has been less than 0.5% based on data from our past customers. In other words, Yes! We do offer a full refund when the numbers do not receive SMS.
  • We do not provide a refund if the number has received an SMS code.
We Don't Have
  • Voice Verification Numbers.
Free Trial
  • BHW registered account must be at least 3 months old to claim free trial.
  • Please create a ticket after signing up on our website, and write BHW Free Trial in the subject line, and in message MENTION your BHW username.
  • Reply on this thread PVADeals Free Trial
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Service Information
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  • The SMS was received successfully and the service was verified
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Information For Buyers:
  • Service Quality: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.
  • Disputes: If you do not receive a product or service as advertised, or at all in the event of a dispute, do not be afraid of a "no refunds" refund policy as you are allowed to request a refund through the shit list process. For more information and to see whether or not your dispute qualifies, refer to the shit list rules and procedures.
  • Review Copies: Per the marketplace rules, if a seller does not offer trials or review copies, please do not request them in the sales thread, otherwise your post will be removed and further action may be taken.
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Does it mean that after the verification, we can dump the number? Like a temporary stuff?

Does it work with WhatsApp verification?
Does it mean that after the verification, we can dump the number? Like a temporary stuff?

Does it work with WhatsApp verification?
Yes, we have the temporary number. It is automatically dumped from our end after the verification.

It works for WhatsApp.
work for sign up google voice?
Yes, it will verify your google voice account; due to the high demand for google numbers, we went out of stock for google numbers in Short term rentals. However, at the moment, you can purchase Long Term Rentals for Google voice.

BHW Free Trial
Unable to find your registered account, please create a ticket and mention your BHW username in it.
I really recommend this service been using for an couple of week. All of there numbers works, and they have long term numbers which you can rent for an month for cheap and you have to ability to extend that period longer. I have tried there numbers on various sites and all have worked. Never had an virtual phone provider with no issues, so I was really surprised when I tried this and it was working well, but believe they only work in the U.S ( not sure if they will change this in future but I believe they will). 100% recommended
Please write your BHW username while creating a ticket. It is not possible for me to add funds.
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