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Get More views on Youtube,Marketing Strategies, And Youtube SEO For More Exposure

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by jahzrealbeatz, May 18, 2014.

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    May 17, 2014
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    Get More Views On Youtube And Build Your Exposure
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    Don't Buy Youtube Views/likes/subscribers!

    If you are trying to build a brand or a name for yourself on youtube, it makes no sense at all to get fake people viewing your videos.

    Fake viewers cannot connect with your content, share it,or subscribe to your channel.

    If your are going to spend money for views start advertising your videos on youtube, and using advertising services on social media to build your audience on youtube.

    Get Youtube Views

    Youtube is a search engine much like google. Too many people focus on trying to get more views and subscribers instead of creating quality content and promoting your content outside of youtube.

    Youtube will rank your videos based on a number of factors.

    Your videos will get in the youtube search engines, and google search engines based on your videos title,keywords, and descriptive texts containing your keywords. Videos will rank high for youtube keyword searches if they have a decent amount of views, likes, and channel subscriptions.

    Sharing your videos on social media is a way to spread awareness about your videos and your brand. The more people who view your videos, the higher your videos will rank in google and youtube.

    Getting backlinks for your videos will help you rank in google, using anchor text, and blogging your videos with keyword optimized content will help google position your videos in the search engine.

    Youtube is the most effective way to promote your brand and connect with people and get paid for it.

    Advertising can make you a nice sum of money overtime, that's why creating a loyal audience that demands your content is very important.

    Marketing Youtube Videos

    Youtube can be promoted online many ways but in this article im going to talk about basic and highly effective services that I use to improve my video viewership.

    You can use adwords for video through google, social like exchange websites, and facebook ads.

    Youtube views will come from the whole internet as a whole, so get your videos wherever your potential viewers are.

    The best way to get views for your videos are using e-mail marketing, and SEO content marketing.

    Use all the tools on the internet that are available for your.

    Youtube SEO

    To figure out your target demographic and the search volume for your keywords, you can use "google keyword planner" or "youtube keyword tool".

    To get your videos more views on youtube, its good to use long tail keywords that people are likely to search for frequently on youtube.

    Create content that can assist people, and always leave links to your website in the description.

    People are more likely to share helpful content or entertaining content to their friends on social media, and that is free promotion for your videos.

    Subscribers will be the main viewers of your videos, so you have to connect with your audience with your content.

    It takes time to create a demand and interest in your content so never try to rush your videos.