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    Hi guys,

    There is two things here that i need and obviously will pay for the services.
    However, no b.s. but need to be legit and included for real.

    1. I need to be included into Google News on all the posts on my site - or to a specific category
    - i have a site similar to Wiki Answers but it also has Google Trend Topics
    - It is a Page Rank 5 Site with about 7,500 links to it
    - There is a minimum of 1,000 unique visitors per day with 5,000 p. views
    - My site is a WordPress Blog (self-hosted)
    - I have about 4,800 pages in google search index.

    2. I need to be included in Google Blog Search..(indexing new posts once they are posted)
    - I am already in Blog Search..however my new posts havent indexed since March 24th
    - I have about 2,100 pages indexed in blog search
    - I need to be included again and regularly indexing

    Only contact me if you can guarantee and with your price

    I will select somebody tomorrow.
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    There are no guarantees for what you are asking

    As we have a site in GNS and in GBS, the facts are that when in GNS you are competing with others to get indexed.

    And only when you add so many new events in a day, maybe one or two will get picked up.

    That is if you publishing your event on the breaking news quickly enough

    (All your new content events will get indexed in GSE- that is standard and not connected to GNS or GBS)

    Suggest you contact G direct and apply for approval

    So if you hire someone chances are you will pay for a service they cannot deliver :)
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    Creating a Google News sitemap (different from a normal sitemap) can increase your chances.

    There is a WP plugin specifiically for News sitemaps.
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