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    When Jay Abraham talks, people listen. If you don't know who he is Google him.

    I got the email below and signed up. I received "the complete, unedited
    and unabridged "full-length" versions of both of my last two, best selling
    business books. You will also be given the complete audio recordings of
    BOTH Tony Robbins' two hour long interview of me, as well as my full
    length interview of Tony" in the first wave of freebies.


    Business-Building Freebies From Me. No Strings. Enjoy.

    I'm smiling as I write this --- because, a lot of you have emailed me
    lately to say I'm arrogant and rude to have dropped-entirely my support
    of the small business owner.

    My reply is..."au contraire!"

    Look, if you diligently read all the emails I've sent over the last few
    months - you'd know that I purposely "gifted" every small business owner
    on this list (we're talking 200,000-plus of you) with an exceptional
    collection of my resources-GRATIS. There were absolutely no strings
    attached whatsoever.

    I did it to try and give back. I did it to help every smaller business
    and entrepreneur out there who couldn't afford my help.

    I did it to do the right thing by you.

    Unfortunately (and somewhat laughingly) many of you never read or opened
    or acted on my gifting gesture. Or instead, you chose to criticize me
    for focusing on larger companies who had resources I could better
    leverage for them.

    In an effort, again to once more contribute something meaningful to the
    success and prosperity of ALL you smaller businesses out there, I'm
    repeating my "No Strings" gifting offer.

    Go to profitonperformance.com. Register and receive both of my best
    selling books immediately, my Strategy of Preeminence, a huge collection
    of 500+ case studies, interviews I've done with prominent entrepreneurs,
    plus a bunch of other nifty surprises!

    Then, over the next 8 weeks you'll also receive a huge collection of
    other resource goodies-gratis, too.

    No sales offer is being made with any of it.

    Feel free to unsubscribe the moment you download the books. I'm trying
    to contribute generously and meaningfully here to those of you who need
    my help, guidance and business building assistance, but who can't afford
    my products or services.

    If you need it - it's now here for you again-gratis.

    If you don't avail yourself of my gifts, I ask only that you don't
    criticize me for wanting to get back to my original "roots," which is
    working with larger companies to engineer massive profit increases that
    I get to share in generously.

    Again, the goodies and gifts are awaiting you at profitonperformance.com.
    My motives and purpose in offering them to
    you-gratis are fully spelled out there.

    I hope these tools and resources make a positive difference in your
    business life.

    Jay Abraham
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    I've read Jay Abraham's stuff for years! This is BEYOND a great share. Anyone that's been in marketing for 5 minutes will tell you that Jay is a MASTER business man and marketing mogul.

    I REALLY appreciate this, and I sure hope others here do, too!