Get indexed on Google within 24 hours and Get Paid to Do It

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    I came across this tutorial thought i would share it .

    So here's the tutorial -

    Ok, so you've just created your new blog, mini-site or other fancy presence on the web. You've got your adsense in place, your first few articles written and you are ready to be indexed on Google so you can start building traffic and hopefully make a little money. Well, personally I don't like to wait that long to start monetizing my website. So I devised a little plan that gets my site indexed within 24 hours, every time, and starts making me money immediately.

    Here is my short to do list to make it happen:
    For this example let's say I have registered obviously for the niche of skin care. (Not a site or niche I use - just a random example)

    The first thing to do is set up an email box called: contributors @ (or whatever the actual domain is)

    The second thing to do is find an affiliate product that has something to do with the niche of my new site. It can be a Clickbank product or an affiliate program of any kind just as long as it is good and relevant to my niche.

    Once I have found a relevant product I set my affiliate link as the signature for all emails coming from my new domain. The signature says something like: Have you seen the latest breakthrough in "Niche Name Here"?
    (Note: I usually cloak the signature link with a simple redirect page)

    The third thing to do is a quick search on ebay or google for some info or something about my niche with master resale rights. Most of the time I can find it on ebay for less than a dollar. (Just search your niche along with the word "resale")

    The fourth thing to do is set up the resale product or products with paypal. I set the price at $7 or under. (I like to use ejunkie to host my files for sell but it isn't absolutely necessary)

    The fifth thing to do is set up an auto-responder for the email address that I created in step one. The text reads something like this:
    "Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor to (or whatever). We will review your submission and contact you if we feel that a working relationship can be established.
    Our current contributors find the resource below very useful. As a potential contributor you may get your copy of this $89 resource for only $7.
    Title of Product Goes Here (link to the reseller products I set up through paypal).
    We hope to be in touch soon.
    - SCB Staff "

    The Sixth thing to do is to go to and choose the largest city that will have an interest in your niche. Post an ad under "creative gigs" that looks something like this:
    Title: Can you write articles about skin care? (<- make sure that is an active link. Very important!) is looking for aspiring writers with an interest in skin care and beauty. Everyone is welcome to apply. Please submit a short sample of your writing on any related subject (200-400 words) to contributors @

    Now here's what happens:
    1. That live link on will get you indexed on Google within 24 hours every time.
    2. Lot's of targeted people will click on the link to see what your site is and some always end up clicking on adsense ads.
    3. Your auto-responder will fire off immediately to anyone who responds to the ad and offer them the "discounted" info as well as show your affiliate loaded signature. (again to highly targeted people)
    4. If anyone actually sends you good content (most will suck) you just scored a great writer for your site. Work out a deal accordingly.

    Don't try to keep bumping the ad to the top. Leave the ad live until it naturally expires. If it made you any money, (always does), then run it again.
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    Interesting read! Thank you! Might put this to work.
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    The links on CL work. I actually took out a job offer ad once just to get a back link from them. Just a tip. If you take out an ad in the jobs section under 'writing jobs', your ad will get syndicated on some "writing for money" blogs.
    I also got about 100 responses to my ad of people looking for work. I was going to hit them later with an offer but I didn't want my web site hit with spam compaints so you might want to try this with a free blogger or wordpress blog.

    My ad was something like:

    Freelance Writers Needed For Busy Blogs

    I am looking for people experienced in writing for blogs. I have 2 busy blogs and can't keep up with all the work myself.

    Experience in Wordpress helpful but will train the right person. If you know a little CSS and HTML, that would be great too but not necessary.

    See the blogs here:

    Definately worth a go...