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    This thread existed until last week. Unfortunately, I was banned for a week for breaking a rule on the board. Before the original thread was erased, over 600 people click THANK U for my contribution. More importantly, 95% of the users reported an increase in web traffic, increased SEO rankings, PR+ quality backlinks, and finally the ability to index domains within a very short time. I want to re-iterate my appreciation for your positive comments and take the time to apologize for your contribution being erased. The Admin Trophaeum tells me he didn't erase it. So maybe some other mod thought I was banned for good or something. Nevertheless, we're past that.

    Important Note: Do not use the manual option. Only use the "New Browser" option.

    Now, once you click start, a bunch of browsers will open and contact major tier 1 sites like "". By clicking 25 popups, that means that 25 sites will be contacted, and 15 seconds later - 100% automatically - the popup browsers opened will close, and then fetch 25 newer sites. To test, you can do 100 sites - but if you want to leave your computer for an hour just running, then feel free to query 3000 sites and let the script run on autopilot.

    Note: Many of the sites queried via my site are located worldwide. I still need to add/remove a bunch of the sites - but you will all agree that this is a great start. The most important thing to me was accessing sites with really good bandwith at fast speeds.

    But overall, this is a very powerful service that can boost your SEO Rankings. It's far more powerful than pinging because pinging doesn't give you backlinks to PR6+ sites.

    Why it Works...
    There are thousands of PR6+ sites that will cause Google, MSN, & Yahoo to index your website very fast if properly queried. Not only will this cause your website to get indexed very fast, but it will also potentially give you thousands of backlinks to tier 1 websites. You can literally buy a domain today and be indexed tomorrow :)

    Examples of Results...
    Go to Google and search for ""

    About 3 weeks ago, I found a on BHW that mentioned using 3rd party authority sites to index. I basically looked at the most advanced level and then began doing my own thing. I should note that I had seen the, and while I never commented inside of it, it was the lowest level of work that I had seen. Later I will explain. But for now, let me state that, I commented on how impressed I was with the community contribution - and that is what led to my own contribution.

    Special Thanks
    Special thanks to Endgame Media for giving me the idea. The problem with Endgame's method is that he could only offer only 20 sites because once literally 20 browsers would open, but they wouldn't shut. If he added in 100 domains, your IE would open 100 windows which would drain system resources. So this is where I came in to offer my own contribution.

    Why the Method is Superior
    Alot of you guys are busy pinging your sites and/or social bookmarking with limited results. Well, the solution I offer is 100x's better because the majority of Social bookmarking sites don't give you the SEO value you need in Google's 1st Page results. In other words, when you type in Google, how many of those social bookmarking sites do you see?

    Pinging is great - but how many backlinks do you get from pinging? Oops, none! So this solution I offer kills 2 stones in one smack.

    This service is 100% automated and doesn't require you to open/close browsers and/or manually register to any websites.

    Banned for a Week
    I was banned for offering a presale of seo software without actually submitting the software to the Buy/Sale Thread . Fact is, I offered the website services for free while also openly mentioned the opportunity to purchase more advanced software for a reduced price - during it's development stages.

    I've actually been unbanned for almost a week, but didn't bother posting. Ive also asked other people NOT to post in my name.

    I never had any intention of breaking rules, and furthermore, the only reason I didnt submit a $20 payment + buy/sell thread request - was because during the time of the pre-sale, I still hadn't finished the software. During the 7 day ban, I actually finished and released the software to each of the 74 BHW buyers and received a lot of great feedback. I will note that the mistake was because I didnt read the BHW forum rules and to be honest, I dont think I've ever read any forums rules. Nevertheless, all potential sellers are encouraged to read the rules, and I am determined not to repeat the same mistake.

    What is Blackhat to ********?
    The majority of threads that I open receive a lot of attention here on BHW, but as well on other boards. Lately, I've seen a trend of people attacking my online integrity here - specifically when I'm not around to defend myself. Not only attacks on my work, but also attacks on my voice (in the videos, etc). I even had one punk attack my religion (I'm Jewish). Is that what BHW is all about?

    Seriously, before I go on, let me clearly note why I'm here and what blackhat means to me. I consider myself a contributor, but I'm also a programmer/businessman who enjoys making money online. I'm at BHW to make money and contribute. I love being around people who want to make money and contribute as well. It's a numbers game for me relative to time, resources and potential. While "blackhat" means different for everybody, for me it means "automation" and "making money".

    I will be direct and say that I dont have time to put up with "freeloaders" who lack imagination - yet feel a need to attack my online integrity because I dont share their "communistic" values or suggesting that I've got some hidden business angle. My answer is simple. I'm not a f'n communist and moreover, I'm proud to say that all of my online activity is focused on making money. The more - the merrier.

    I agree that you got to give some to get some, but I'm sure that any mod here who's seen my contribution (and long ass posts...) knows how to identify the difference between a freeloader with zero education as opposed to a contributor who actually adds integrity to the bhw community.

    So let me just end the "freeloader" vs. "blackhat money maker" nostalgia by stating that while some people collect stamps and coins (which is kind of cool) bhw has lately been infested with a bunch of communists who apparently collect sticks and stones. Nevertheless, I happen to collect money. For me, money not only offers "pride of ownership", but is also a great way to keep score :)

    If your the same type of blackhatter (who's into making money), then I definitely want to be in contact. If not, keep your f'n attacks to yourself and please accept the internet is big enough for both of us.

    Why I released
    I'm only providing because it gives me the ability to be in contact with fellow community developers who appreciate the work and offer additional kick ass ideas. Alot of the original 12 page thread had great comments, suggestions, and over all feedback. As a developer, that is very important to me. This entire project offered free is like a "beta" where I waste bandwith, server resources, and programming time til I get the final perfect version that looks and feels great. The only difference between this and the previous thread is that there wont be any sales on this thread.

    But just so you know, from the first site - I've actually created a more advanced version. A website that can handle promoting multiple domains, handle social bookmarking, and not only ping, but also individually ping all of the url properties that your submitting to, etc. Remember, alot of these domain stat sites dynamically generate pages and it's important to ping them. Unfortunately, the service is not being offered free, and if I want to sell subscriptions - I'll pay $20 for buy/sell area and offer it.

    ******** SEO Software
    As I've previously said, I've learned my lesson relative to promoting premium software outside of the buy/sell thread so therefore, I'm not going to discuss my SEO Software here in this thread. Should I chose to pay the $20 and submit it, then I will let you all know. For now, I just want to distance myself from the circumstances of the ban. I will note that one of the admins here has checked my SEO software, has reviewed the code, and has even given me some good tips for updates - so should I decide to submit - he's already agreed to authorize the thread.

    Please also note that there is a Free Demo of my software available that works for 7 days, doesn't run multiple threads, and doesn't have any spyware/adware and/or remote banners built into it. Instead - for every 10 websites you promote using the demo software - it promotes one of my websites. So if that's not free enough for the freeloaders, then don't use it. Don't waste your time bitching cause I seriously don't care.

    Note: I'm not publishing the link to download the demo here specifically because this is not the support thread for the software. I only mention the free demo so that people realize that I was not banned for the make of the software, rather only because I pre-sold the software against the board rules.

    But again, it's not officially being sold here so unless I open up a buy/sell thread on the subject, please don't mention the seo software on this thread - because I wont answer you.

    My Free Website vs. Statblaster
    I originally released a demo site at that forced 3rd party authority websites to index your website. The authority indexing sites range from Stat sites, Domain Value Sites, Whois, Search Engines, and More. I received over 600 thankus from the community for the contribution, and again, for a mistake, I was banned for a week.

    During my temporary ban, I received word that the maker of Statblaster was attacking my online integrity. To be quite honest, I was surprised that somebody who considered themselves to be a "contributor" would attack me so I initially dismissed the attacks as less than comical. Most of the 600 people who thanked me on my thread are on my Skype/ICQ contact list, and they can vouch that I asked not to answer the persons attacks. I repeat, my "contributions" are generally aimed at networking and cherry picking out the best people from BHW to work on projects.

    Statblaster Auto HotKey Triggers Anti Virus - Runs @ 100% CPU
    Before I go on, I will note that when I tried Statblaster, the software triggered my Mcafee antivirus. I did a simple Google and found a lot of nasty results relative to virus/trojans in Statblaster. Furthermore, the software ran at 100% CPU and I've got a 4 CPU Quad with 6GB's! So I was like WTF!!! I notice the guy released like 50000 different releases which kinda demonstrates how professionally unsound the coding is.

    Note - I don't know if it's the same software in Google, or just the same damaged name, but I do know that Statblaster set off my anti virus. To explain peoples virus concerns, the maker claims that the software was compiled using auto hotkey software which is more commonly used for mouse and keyboard control. As a professional coder with over 25 years of coding experience (yep, Im old :) ) dating back to the Texas Instruments, Rainbow Dos, and Commodore 64 days, I must ask myself wtf is this guy coding seo software with a keylogger and mouse macro kit. Either he's not a coder or he uses that as an excuse. So many updates using a kit? Nah. Hard to believe...

    Why use a keylogger to make this type of software? Whatever the case, I personally don't trust any software (no matter what the reason) that tips off my anti virus.

    But after hearing how aggressive this guy is in promoting his "free software", all I can say is that if your computer keyboard starts talking back at you with this autokey crap software, don't say I didn't warn you! Real programmers use C, C++, Delphi, etc., to compile. We don't use auto hotkey macro shit as excuses to explain virus alerts.


    Suggestion: If coders are offering "free" software, then more power to them. If the software doesn't have viruses, then the maker should just release it's source code with each release. I mean it's a kit right? You dont need to be a programmer to compile with these type of kits. But I strongly suggest people compile their own stuff using "free software". But honestly, if you keep reading, you will realize that with/without a virus, the software is completely worthless! Read on...

    Let's start with a live example:

    For a site like "" to properly gather stats (backlinks, rankings, etc) about from 3rd party sources, several scripts must execute in the backround of Please, go to and see what happens.

    To extract data from Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. (which are all individual sites) just the amount of backlinks & rankings, multiple sessions of javascript/flash, etc., must be executed in the backround via the site By forcing Google, MSN, Yahoo, Alexa, etc., to extract information about your website, you are essentially increasing the SERPS to your site because these 3rd party stat, whois, domain value, etc., sites are dynamically generating web pages with your websites data on them. This is what SERPS are all about.

    What are SERPS?
    Many people use the word SERPS very loosely without having any f'n clue to what they are talking about.

    "SERPS" is an abbreviation for SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGES.
    SERPS are focused on Actual Page Results as opposed to empty packets of traffic. Software like Statblaster sends traffic (packet) requests but doesn't create a real SERP solution because all of the 3rd party websites that statblaster is contacting require executing javascript, flash and actionscript type scripts to create a SERP solution.

    In other words, you go to for the first time noting that the site requires a javascript enabled browser to load and execute javascript/actionscript commands in the backround in order to force Google, MSN, Yahoo, Whois, and many other 3rd party authority sites to extract data relative to backlinks, rankings, etc. When that data is extracted and finally placed in, a dynamically generated page is created and cached called

    Well, Statblaster is unable to force to execute its website scripts because it uses CURL instead of a built in browser. CURL just extracts code in its raw form without executing anything - hence Curl cannot execute the javascript, actionscript, flash, etc., located on So Statblaster is simply useless. is for handling HTTP requests and not Javascript or Flash instructions. To force these 3rd party stat sites to work properly, you must have a browser that supports javascript, flash, etc. That is the reason that my free website produces such great results, and ultimately why I built all of my seo software with built-in custom browsers.

    Why am I wasting time to explain this?
    Recently, I read that the maker of Statblaster claims that CURL is the perfect solution for a security safe application (as opposed to having a built in browser). Well, it's unfortunate that so many people believed him specifically because CURL is NOT able to execute Javascripts, Actionscripts, Flash or anything else. As a result, when Statblaster sends traffic requests to, the site is NOT able to negotiate the extraction of backlinks, seo rankings, etc., from 3rd party sites like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Alexa, and as a result, in most cases there is a network timeout - hence, using Statblaster non browser type software, is not able to dynamically generate a page relative to that should have appeared like this ( ).

    This is what SERPS, hence SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGES are all about. The whole idea of a stat site like is to extract info from Google, MSN & YAhoo about which raises awareness of to the major search engines. Google spiders both faster and the statsite (i.e. and eats up the new dynamically generated SERP pages (i.e.

    That is why my website is SUPERIOR and so is all of the various SEO software that I create - specifically because I always build in a custom browser to force these authority sites to execute their javascripts, flash, actionscripts, etc.

    So with no javascript, in most cases - there is no way for a website to extract stats from Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc., and as a result, there is no SERP, hence SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGE result. No dynamically generated page ( ) is being generated. I mean this literally is SEO 101.

    My Free Website = Increase in Traffic (Statblaster = Zero Traffic)
    I want you to take a look at and notice that the TITLE, DESC, & KEYWORD tags from my site are being displayed on This is sorta like social bookmarking. This means that has visited my site - which can clearly be seen in the traffic stats. That's why everybody who uses my free website clearly sees an increase in traffic for their domain submissions, and NOBODY is seeing any traffic via Statblaster. These tags located on PR6 sites help search engines categorize your website.

    Initially the traffic my website users see is these 3rd party websites indexing and forcing other sites to index your site. This SERP activity eventually results in SEO rankings and thereafter, the traffic becomes very targeted and easy to convert.

    Also note, some stat sites even force flash/text cookies specifically to ensure that a real session was created. If no cookie can be deposited, the session times out. Well, that is another reason that Statblaster sucks cause there is no real session. That is why the old fake Alexa software doesn't work anymore. Real session is why it's hard to fake Youtube hits.

    In other words, my website forces all 3rd party websites to execute java and actionscripts which is in fact what is required to generate the type pages that have a variety of statistics gathered from as many as 15 individual websites. The page is later indexed by Google and appears like this.


    I should note that does NOT have a website on it. It's just a index page. Google hate's these types of sites cause they are a waste of resources to even spider and placing their results on a search engine seriously undermines the integrity of a search engine specifically because search engines are for content, not blank sites. But using my software/website, you will notice the placement.

    More About SERPS
    That is what SERPS are all about, hence Search Engine Result Page. Some of these are PR4 sites while others are PR7. I've mixed the database so that I start high on authority and I end high on authority. The important thing is that Google gives authority to these sites. Many of these sites offer a backlink relationship, but do note, some of the sites in my database are No Follow.

    Do No-Follow Sites Have Value?
    The answer is YES. Contrary to common belief, No-Follow sites have lots of value. Now, let me explain. First, I will note that every search engine treats No-Follow a little differently.


    How Powerful is No Follow?
    But the above definitions don't begin to explain how powerful a No-Follow site can be. Take for example (relative to picture above) there is and, etc. Both sites are PR6 websites, but is a follow while is a No-Follow. So lets concentrate on Robtex, the "no-follow" site.

    Read Only Memory (ROM) vs. Random Access Memory (RAM)
    The site loads 3rd party website data which includes extracting backlink data and seo rankings from Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc., which is like loading information from ROM to RAM.

    Remember, ROM (read only memory) is like me asking a computer "what's the telephone number of the Kremlin". If the information is on your CD Drive or Hard Disk, it can take 5 seconds to produce an answer. That is because it's extracting from ROM resources. But once the question was asked, it's immediately loaded into RAM, therefore if in 5 minutes I ask the same question - or alternatively - use my arrow keys (up and down) just to reproduce the original question, I can probably get an answer without actually typing the original question - specifically because the query was loaded into RAM.

    Search Engines apply the same ROM & RAM type principles only in the form of scalable cache. When lots of users worldwide are drawling queries about, then Google, MSN & Yahoo awareness is raised and in most cases, the increased SEO results are nothing more than making it easier for Google to produce the results (specifically because if the results are buried at the bottom of the search engine) it takes longer to produce results.

    So essentially, NO-Follow may mean that you don't get direct SEO improvement, but if the 3rd party authority PR6+ stat site (like that includes your No follow link is querying Google, MSN or Yahoo for information about your backlinks, seo rankings, etc., then you can bet your ass that this lends alot of authority to your website. So Yes, No-Follow links on have lots of value when using my free website's services. Feel free to quote me. :)

    Testing vs. Statblaster
    1. Check your web traffic stats. Cpanel offer awstats for free.
    2. Submit one domain using my website and 2nd domain using statblaster.
    3. Google results don't lie. Wait a day. Type in "" into Google.
    4. Don't forget to check the traffic from unique ip's. In fact, use Google Alerts and type in for both domains.

    Since when Does Fake Youtube & Fake Alexa Software Work?
    Major search engines and stat sites have evolved. Fake session software is old, and in most cases (if caught) your domain will get penalized. It is very easy to detect. Years ago, I developed software to pound the shit out of Google's data mesh to force sites straight up to the top for major 1 word keywords just by pounding different data centers. Even new sites that didn't even have 1 backlink. Don't ask cause the method doesn't work any more, specifically because attacking data mining and cache bombing requires a lot more effort.

    I only mention that because 99.9% of the non-browser packet sending software out there simply doesnt work. There are a million Alexa ranking software programs - how many of them work? Downloading proxys doesn't help. It's the fake session that concerns Google, not where the traffic came from. My method of forcing 3rd party stat websites does work to increase SERPS works perfectly because it's a browser oriented solution with zero generic components.

    Safe to Use Web Browser Software
    We all browse and navigate the internet. The internet has sites that contain nasty exploits, however 99% of the anti viruses out there can pick them up, and Microsoft is very good about issuing updates to block them. Nevertheless, to combat online website viruses, I created a php script that actually runs the indexed sites db against online anti virus sites. So from thousands of authority sites, I dropped down to about 800, but again, I have a bot that I created that runs around searching for them, so hopefully the numbers will increase soon.

    Software & Website Databases:
    I created a special bot that I run from my servers to find domain stat sites, ip sites, valuedomain sites, whois, etc., that are known to increase SERPS to update my DB automatically. I randomize the order of the dbs (read on to learn why) and my website also allows users the option to change the order. Each time my software is run, it remotely connects to my servers to download a new db which often includes additional authority sites.

    Submission Pattern:
    SERPS are given authority by the way they are submitted. If search engine result pages are gathered from authority websites, the value of the serp is higher. In my website, I added a ROTATE SPECTRUM and a URL IN ORDER option.

    The reason I did that was because in SEO, it's very important NOT to submit a domain using identical SERP activity multiple times as that raises negative flags. A noob would ask "How the hell does Google know in what order I submitted". Well, the answer is simple. Each time you force a 3rd party website to extract info, including backlinks, page rankings, etc., about your website from Google, there is a pattern - and Google's PH.d doctors made sure that the datacenters log everything, including duplicating patterns.

    Now, there are handicaps - specifically because there are different datacenters worldwide, so the comparing of stats is not as real-time as you'd want it to be. But just know how things work.

    When submitting as a TLD (top level domain), the next submission should be and additional subdomains. For all tense and DNS purposes, and are 2 different sites. What an example?

    For example, please go to the site:
    (Goes to
    (Goes to

    The problem with software like Statblaster and is that all users use the same database time after time, hence the pattern which results in some websites initially getting great rankings while later, the other ones get fucked. That is the reason that some people got sandboxed using that software.

    Note: PrStorm and several other apps used to offer great results until people started getting sandboxed for using duplicate db's. So pay attention cause software makers need to randomize db's. Moral is if you hit the same datacenter with the same footprints, your gonna get fucked.

    Google Penaltys
    Remember, Google ranks based on categorical uniqueness. 2 different sites from 2 different categories can use the same sequences. Problem really starts when multiple sites competing for the same keywords use the same methods to rank. Dont think you can use the same methods that ranked your competition.

    You can go to SiteExplorer, or use a scraper, and get a list of all your competitions backlinks, and do the exact same thing - and guess what? Don't be surprised that your penalized for it. Those days are long over.

    If some other sites are getting ranked using the same db method, forcing serps the exact same way, then the rankings turn into de-ranking for you, hence you potentially get a -90 penalty for your efforts. In other words, your domain loses 90 placements in rankings. So scrambling the db's is important and part of updating both my website and software is ensuring that the database scrambling works better.

    You can submit all domains via db's daily with my software and website, but again, I strongly advise that you use the the random sequence and if your using the software, add in your own domains. As a programmer, I don't just add extra options cause I'm bored. Generally there is a lot of thought behind it. You will notice that on I offer an option to randomize the order of the submission or alternatively publish in order.

    Important Note: That is one of the reasons I use a lot of sites from different parts of the world - specifically so that I can force SERPS via random data centers, but data centers and SERPs are also very relative to where you are located in the world and if Google has a local data center.

    Final Note: I spent over a decade building centralized and decentralized (p2p) search engines. As many of you know, including the mods who rent servers from me, I currently own an ISP.

    So my technical backround is pretty damn good. But like anything, some people read shit - and decide to attack to get themselves into the limelight. I suggest anybody who wants to attack my online integrity read, or some about me or alternatively my - cause when you attack, all I'm going to ask is for your online resume, and I hope you can post the search engines you've built.

    Youtube Video Proof....
    As many of you know, before I requested my original thread be erased, I had about 25 people comment how fast their domains we're indexed, applaud me on the traffic and in fact, some people even purchased a brand new domain and in as little as 1hr had it indexed in Google.

    So I thought I'd put a small video demonstrating the power of my free website by submitting to you how my free website got my own domain indexed within a couple of hours.​

    I made a Youtube video of me submitting a domain called The domain could not be found on Google. Note, this is actually an old domain of mine that after I changed DNS, forgot to add - so it was actually a "delisted" domain. Nevertheless, I repeat, in the youtube video, the domain was not to be found on, (United Kingdom) and/or (Italy).

    Proof the Video is Real - The Youtube video was made on Jan 24th to coincide with what should have been my software release. Unfortunately, I was banned - therefore nobody got to see the video. If you look clearly in the video, you will see that displays Alexa stats until Jan 24th in the graph. Moreover, in the video, I actually mention the date Jan 24th somewhere around the 5th minute, so the video is time/date stamped. But to make sure that you all know it was indexed on Jan 24th, please go to and notice that the cache was made on Jan 24th. This demonstrates the entire indexing and video was all done in one day.

    In the Movie I demonstrate the following...
    1) I went to, (England), & (Italy)
    2) I made a query for
    3) The domain was not listed.
    4) I used software to submit (but you can use the free website to submit
    5) I later went to,, &
    6) I made query for
    7) Google listed my domain (,, etc)
    8) also lists the 3 letters as number #1
    9) Bing also lists as number #1.

    All that in less than a couple of hours.

    But forget the software in the video (as this thread is not about my software) - cause my free website can get you indexed just as fast. There it is, Free method and extremely simple, and clear page 1 number #1 rankings on multiple search engines.

    Nobody's trying to sell you anything - rather just demonstrating the technical difference between statblaster and my technology - and hoping that this long post was educational enough for everybody to know what is superior, and more importantly - why it's superior.

    @ Sycthos - This is kind of comical - but if pinging sites was enough to get traffic, seo rankings and webstats, we'd all be dos attacking each other :D

    Fact is, nobody needs to install your 100% CPU virus flagging software when I give them a superior solution via a website for free. The second you attacked me, and suggested others attack me (for god knows what reason), It occurred to me that your attacks probably are relative to some exterior desire. I mean who works so f'n hard to promote "free" shit? 5000 releases of your software to please who? Well, perhaps the answer is between the virus flags and the 'auto hot key' software you used to compile. But dont think people are fools. Getting Indexed & SEO Results is what people look at. Traffic logs is what people look at.

    Like I used to tell the girls in high school -> Bare it & We'll Share it...

    Anyway, your 2seconds in the limelight are finished. Your guinea pig beta testers are not that stupid, and thus the hype of your thread is dead.

    @ Community - Wow, this has been the longest 2 hours of my life pounding at the keyboard. I think I repeated myself like 5000 times. LOL

    But seriously - If you found this thread to be a little educational, enjoyed the contribution - or just love the drama - please feel free to leave thanks

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    Wow, who would want to read all that rant?

    Sumarize it and you might get some replies
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    It is summarized. But if you don't like the way it was written, DONT READ IT!

    I noticed that you down rated the thread with one star. haha. Perhaps you can show me a post with some contribution? I'd really like to see the scripts your write, the search engine technology you contribute or perhaps something that is usable. Anything.

    Here, I just contributed something else in allowing people to send PM Messages for Free via a website without having to install costly software.

    So seriously, show me your contribution before you attack my longass threads... So waiting to see your work. :)
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    Well, actually I didn't think of rating your thread with one star, guess I am not the only one that thinks that your never ending rant is absurd.

    lmao... must of been like 3000 lines long before that
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    I have watched the video and it look pretty sweet! I will read through more later when I got time.

    Thanks ********

    Crap the down grade was my fault somehow I mistakenly hit the first star and I can't reverse what I did. Really Sorry! This should be ***** 5 stars.
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    @ Nuafman
    - It's been a long night - cause I quoted myself.

    Okay, I was going to let the free PM Messages go for an entire month letting people send free PMs' to any forum to cs, or promote websites, products and services. But fuck it, you dont need my contribution.

    In the name of you, Mr. Nufaman, I think I'm going to leave it on for 24 hours and thats it. So you did contribute. So what could have been something really cool - just got fucked by you. Any more comments/contributions?

    Funny, but I was just in the middle of a thread to post some thing that makes the PM Messaging look small compared to something else. But thanks, cause you saved me valuable posting time.
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    I feel like I'm looking at a sales page lol. I don't have enough time to read that at the moment. :D
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    ya, referrer spam is now very popular.
    How did you make this theory so complicated? you know, BHW fellas are so smart that you give a hint they know how to expand it.
    For your script, in my opinion, I will be annoying seeing many browsers pop up. if having enough timeout setting, why not use software to simulate browsing?
    For me, I use personal php script to do this tedious task and it works well.

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work!
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    i only see 5 updates to statblaster and its got rave reviews here at BHW.. id love to hear more on this!
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    I have to apologize ********. Earlier, In your other thread I had said that tool had gotten me sandboxed. It was just a case of me being impatient. You see patience is not a virtue of mine but it's growing on me as with SEO everything comes in time not instant. So actually your tool had gotten me for Spot #3 on the 1st page to Spot #1 on the 1st page. So, again I apologize.
  11. SharePro


    Sep 18, 2008
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    I probably would have something to say, perhaps a rebuttal. But first I decided to check the guys contribution out to BHW. Guess what I found fresh out of the pot?
    "Dumb" is very relative to your education. For me, that would be a dumb question. For you, it's just getting started... At least now I understand why your intimidated by my long post.

    You made my day Mr. Peanut. What a great question. To bad I don't have 5 million more words to spare on another essay.

    Your not looking for blackhat or whitehat. Forget SEO. You need a clear lesson in Internet 101. :)
  12. proseospecialists

    proseospecialists Junior Member

    Feb 18, 2009
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    Thanks ******** for the rant and all. I understand that folks can put a fire in your chest and breathing out a little burns a lot of people. I used your tool for a highly competitive term 145,000,000 and mainly PR 4^. I was on the bottom of page 2 and now sit #5 on page 1. I look forward to your release of your other stuff.
    Pro Seo
  13. bobblehat

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    Dec 12, 2008
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    Marketing Mistress
    Top Secret Hideout
    Hi ********

    Interesting post and interesting questions arise from it.

    Mainly I see from your site(s) that you are promoting an SEO service that seems at one time (the time you made the videos) to have done very well for positions on competitive phrases.

    I note that today they (your named sites) no longer seem to appear at all for those phrases and I wondered if you had any idea what happenned to them and why?

    Were they penalized?

    I note both and are both indexed still but with very few pages compared to what they must have had.

    Any insight you could share?

    Also I note that in some of your videos you clearly are using Xrumer to post into forums.

    Do you still believe in Xrumer or is it that posting (agressive or otherwise) do you think that might have resulted in the huge loss of rank?

    I just got Xrumer so before I go blasting it would be useful to know if it could be the cause of a sites SERPS downfall before taking the risk.

    Looking forward to your comments in due course :)
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  14. oni3350

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    Sep 24, 2008
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    Internet Marketer/ Black Hatter
    Perth, Western Australia
    Home Page:
    there is a TON of info in your post, so forgive me if i have missed it.

    But how do we get your paid desktop version of this?
  15. Grandslam

    Grandslam Senior Member

    Apr 23, 2009
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    I read through the whole thing. You definitely know what you're doing. I still don't understand how it works, but maybe thats because I stayed up way past my bed time to read it over twice. :p

    Then again, I've never been a champ at coding.

    You're definitely a rare find on this forum, that's for sure. I look forward to giving it a go tomorrow and hearing more from you about this.

    Maybe this is a "duh" to you, but where is the traffic coming from if no one is searching for your site by its name (new sites for example) or if you're not ranking high enough for your keywords?
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  16. Gozpy

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    Nov 18, 2008
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    ********, I wouldn't use the wiki page to back my point if I were you.
    Why? Because I wrote most of the part you are qouting. And frankly, I didn't put much thought into it. Just wrote what I felt was right at that time.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
  17. The Captain

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    great read, thanks. nice script. I also like your PM blaster.
  18. Abstroose

    Abstroose Elite Member

    Nov 20, 2008
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    Thai Boxer
    Perhaps it was just me, but after making pre-payment and supporting your entire thread before, when I actually received the software and used it I didn't see any improvement in backlinks, traffic or SERPs.

    I don't know why because you've given an explanation as to why it should work, but I've used it three times on my White Hat site which ranks #10 for a keyword and #35 for another. There's been no change in my position (apart from keyword one going from #9 to #10), and seen no referral traffic through Analytics.
  19. craigygee

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    Nov 5, 2009
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    Wow, this is a really awesome share bro. To anyone who want's to try and bash him for the long post, get teh fuck out. If you don't feel like reading it, don't read it? If you don't like it, go away. He is sharing a lot of really useful information here.

    Good fuckin job bro. Rep given.
  20. CallItLikeIseeIt

    CallItLikeIseeIt BANNED BANNED

    Dec 29, 2009
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    wtf. Dude

    You just got banned man. maybe theres a reason why nobody has approved your "software" for sale.

    This is one big giant fucking presell and its blatantly obvious by how you've set up your little scheme.

    By the way we don't need to hear the story of why you think you shouldn't have gotten banned.

    LOL by the way you're a dumbass for registering domains in which you used fake or incomplete information in your Registrant Information... especially when you've got GoDaddy as a host.

    The fact that you don't have Cpanel installed probably limits alot of the things you can do SEOwise, which explains why the domain doesnt even have any content ranking for it on the SERPS.

    but + rep for having the balls to post this up on BHW and think that nobodys gonna call you out on this.

    go try doing this shit at DP - sure theres a bunch of sheeple there that will eat this shit up but not here.
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