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Dec 27, 2008
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Just like the discovery of penicillin, some discoveries happen by accident.

I bought a domain at 11am yesterday, loaded it up with WordPress and wp-o-matic. I also loaded Twitter Poster having created a new Twitter account. I looked at Google trends, and then got feeds for the various trends from Google Blog Search.

Each post on the domain gets posted to Twitter - you get the idea.

Anyways I made a mistake - and created ten feeds from which WP-o-matic was told to process 10 articles - I thought I'd get 10 articles - a mash up of the 10 feeds.

But no - WP_o-matic goes ahead and posts 100 articles, which Twitter Poster dutifully processes and posts 100 tweets on a new Twitter account. Ban for sure.

Now this is where it gets interesting - yes I was banned about an hour later on this account [account suspended for 'strange' activity lol] but here's the punch - Google had indexed the domain within the hour!

I have now created a new Twitter account on a separate IP with a different email address and a new account and cookies deleted - but the site has been FULLY indexed less than 6 hours later.

Domains lately have been taking up to ten days to index correctly - if you need a fast FULL index - even if you're not going to autoblog - here's your man.
you're risking your new domain. wait about 2-3 days and see what happen man! Maybe your site deindexed.
IMO this won't happen - The G00g is still getting a steady flow of links, not as if they have just disappeared, just not in the same quantity.

I'll update this thread in a week or so.
I think there are many more "fast indexing" methods. You can find most of them on BHW.
This what you are saying about is very risky. Some people will said it worked but.... it is very very rare. Hope you get lucky :)
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