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    Outside the TCP I/Protocol ( Pun Intended)

    I am sure many here suffer my syndrome, the "read all - download all" -- :eek: I frecking spend too much time d/ling all the time here, and at most time not evening knowing how I use them.

    Finally, finally, I got the gyan ( message ) that how I will fail eventually if I continue this process of mine. This guy Rich Schefren free e-book helped me identify the difference between opportunity markerter and strategic marker.

    In brief, he explains that - Opp Marketer is one who jumps into everything, while Strategic marketer will connect all this efforts with a vision

    Some real eye opening advise esp for noobs ( and desperates :D )like me. These are all 3 ebooks, they are free, I am just consolidating here. The book has 25 % self blah blah; but skip that and try to get the good out it.

    There are chart in each PDFs which I feel are very very good and helpful. Also I have added ebook which teaches on Time management.

    Just trying my best to something back here. :)

    These are all PDFs so, no virus scan.

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