[Get] How to scrape THOUSANDS of targetted users with Tube Blaster Pro!

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    IM! :D
    Hey guys, OMGWTFISTHIS - and I'm here to show you how to get LASER targeted Youtube users, for you to send friend requests, videos to, PMs, etc.

    Now - I'm not exactly good at writing tutorials, because I always feel like I have to "TALK", not "WRITE" a tutorial, so I might go off in different directions. I hope you can understand the way I type!
    Open up Tube Blaster Pro! It doesn't matter if it's cracked or not.

    Okay, once you have that open, login to your account and search for the corresponding video that you want to extract the usernames from. Like I already said earlier, we'll be using 'Fast Cars', so let me pick a video for that real quick.

    Cool, found one with 88 comments. Of course you can expect less people to be found, because it doesn't pick up duplicates. So what we'll do is set up our Gather ID's section like so.


    Make sure that you have 'Gather From All Following Pages' marked, that way it'll go through all the pages to search for comments.

    Choose 'Gather Channels', as stated - those two are pretty much the only two things you should care about.

    Now, click Start Gathering and it'll speed through all the comments, and pick them up.

    Now one thing that I highly advise you to do, if you are looking on a highly populated page, look at the page that Tube Blaster Pro is grabbing from. If it's older than 4 months (depending on your niche), they probably don't give a damn about what you are advertising, as they probably already received it by now.

    Anyhow, we now have 66 users scraped, as shown below.


    Now - just right click where all the Usernames are, and simply click 'Export ID's'.

    This will make it into a text file, of all the usernames.

    But I'm guessing you are trying to manually spam these guys, right? You obviously can't just spam them when all of the names are stacked inside the .txt file, so you are going to have to add commas and a space after every name.

    But OMGWTFISTHIS, how can I do that? I'm glad you asked!

    Open up that text file, and copy all the names. Now open Microsoft Word, and paste all them bad boys in there.

    Press CTRL + H and you now have it show a dialogue box trying to tell you to replace the text.

    In the top box, type "^p" without the quotations, so just ^p.

    In the bottom one, type ", " There is a comma THEN a space, make sure to add the space.

    Now you are done, press Replace all and BOOM. A full list of usernames to spam people with. [​IMG]

    Enjoy. My hands are on fire right now. :z

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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    Hey bro
    I need you to upload this program cuz I need it
    and you know it went down
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    Same do i , if you find a wotking copy pls share it
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    nice method. how many people can you blast per message? do you also use tubeblasterpro to blast? thank you