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    A little introduction:
    I tried many methods and ways, and i found SEO to be the best one - especially after all those updates.
    Is that shocking? It may be, but that's the truth. It's not easier in term of fighting with google algo, but it definitelly is in terms of competition.
    Keywords that would be considered as tough before are usally easier now. Majority of people don't improve and adjust, they still use old shit. Or they do but at wrong way.

    Let's go into SEO:
    As it was before, now onpage is a must too - it's just a bit different. I won't go deep into this one as you can find many resources about it. Just stick to low keyword density and use LSI keywords - don't over optimize.

    As for link building... some people say spamming still works. It does probably, but you have to do it right way. Let's leave black hat for people who don't need guides like this one and stick to grey hat and manual work.

    Months and years ago it was enough to just spam the shit out as hard as you can with your keywords and it would rank. Now it isn't as simple. Im using 80% raw url / 20% keywords (that may be strange but i even use main keyword almost same time as every long tail) and it works. Also, the point is diversification. You can't (or maybe still can but i don't recommend it as more updates will come) rank a site with one links kind. To be most safe i use everything i can find.

    You can often meet opinions here that for example blog comments don't work anymore. They do! You just need to use it at proper way eg. comment at revelant, unspammed blogs. Same with every kind of links.
    Even wikis carry power. Just use unique content at high pr/edu sites and you'll eventually win.

    Let's go to my strategy. For medium competition keywords i offer my clients something like that: (that's taken direct from my offer but it should help in understanding everything)

    First tier:
    1. 50 social bookmarks - manually created bookmarks at top sites like delicious or stumbleupon
    2. 120 social signals - 40 twitter retweets, 40 google plus, 40 facebook likes, 25 pinterest pins and 40 stumbleupon stumbles
    3. 70 directories - your link manually added into 70 quality links directories from 10 different countries with translated descriptions and titles
    4. 10 blog comments - unique, niche releated comments placed at sites releated to your niche
    5. 10 edu profiles - user profiles made at .edu sites
    6. 10 edu wikis - pages made at wikipedia-like sites with .edu extension
    7. 15 yahoo answers - unqiue questions will be asked and they will be answered with link to your site as a resource for an answer
    8. 35 high pr comments - 35 blog comments at pages with page rank 4
    9. 10 edu blogs - blog posts made at pages with .edu extension
    10. 25 pdf submissions - an article with link to your site will be converted into pdf and shared at most popular documents sharing sites
    11. 40 video submissions - an unique testimonial video about your site will be made and spread across most popular video sharing sites
    12. 25 article submissions - an unique article will be written and submitted across 25 top article directories like ezinearticles
    13. press release - an unique press release will be written and submitted into top press release services like sbwire and prbuzz

    Second tier:
    1000 web 2.0 blogs - 1000 blogs will be made around most popular blogging platforms (including ones like wordpress, livejournal and so) and pointed to first tier links

    Third tier:
    20.000 forum profiles - we will create 20k profiles around ~8k unique forums and point them into tier 2 links

    That should give you some insight on how diversified your link profile should be. Also, don't just take article from ezine, put it into spinned and then use at all those pages. I:
    a) use totally unique content - that's for white hat projects or sites that just can't be failed
    b) write 1000+ words spun article for each kind of links (i leave doc sharing, directories, article submission and press release unspun - just one good article).

    For 1000 web 2.0 you need really massive ultra spun article, like few 10's of thousands of words however it's second tier so you can risk a bit and use less or even way less and still rank - at least at short term.

    That shuld give you overall insight how your SEO strategy should look like. In short words: diversify everything and you'll be fine.

    Some kinds of links like social signals are really hard to be made manually so just outscore them (you can find really nice gems at fiverr).

    Overall cost of this strategy shouldn't exceed few hundreds, and if you will write everything it should cost less than 100$.

    Thanks for reading - i hope you learned something. If you have any questions, insights or you don't agree with my post then you can post it right here.
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