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    Dear BHW members,

    I am back after a very long time sharing you guys something very fruitful to get quick results as far as SERPs are concerned. But these results are achieved using other platforms that are found great to be ranked on Search Engine particularly on keywords that are based on phrases i.e. having 3 or more words. We all know that phrases are said to be much effective when it comes to conversation rather 2 worded general keyword term. Anyways, lets come straight to the point:

    How to determine if your Keyword can easily be ranked through the resources I am going to offer you just after this tip?

    Google behaves different with different keyword. (I won't go into this theory much deeper as it would out of the topic, and its my personal hypothesis). Whatever I guide, I won't give you the theory and my hypothesis behind the guideline. I'd just make suggestions, you have to follow it. What you need to do is to determine if your keyword can get good SERPs soon is to check the following factors:

    i) Check if multiple Youtube videos are shown on under 50 results. (If Yes, it is a positive sign)
    ii) PRweb.com OR Blogspot.com are shown under 50 results. (If yes, it is a more positive sign)

    iii) Check if the blogpost, PR or video is posted within a period of a month. (If not, then you will have to do a little extra on your link building to compete the results)

    If you can find any of the above factors, you are mostly likely to achieve the FIRST PAGE ranking EASILY & QUICKLY through the platforms, I am going to share.

    *TIP*: Use Rank Checker (Seobook Tool) to determine the results of large number of keywords. YouTube videos should be checked manually as it is shown under video results heading which are not read by Rank Checker.

    Web 2.0 Properties
    blogspot.com (Blogger)

    PR Sites

    Which are the best in terms of Ranking?
    1) YouTube
    2) PRweb.com
    3) Blogspot.com

    Note: You will obviously need to build backlinks using Social bookmarking, Web 2.0 Properties and Article Marketing with diversified anchor texts in case of Blogspot and little in case of Youtube.com. You can have them using $5 Fiverr Gigs.

    You will surely the see the results within 5 days!


    GOLDEN TIP: If you are able to figure out a PRweb.com press release optimized on your keyword on first page of Google, then chances are more likely that keyword is profitable. PRweb.com is an expensive PR website and it is easily assumed that PRs optimized on any keyword published there are most likely to be profitable.
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    The best way to determine how strong is your competition is to use Market Samurai.

    If it low there is no need to look if there is ranked some other web 2.0. Maybe with the YT videos is half true. If there is no video it can also mean that video competition is so low, that you can rank very well or either not.