***GET FRESH PROXIES*** Anytime You Need Them! 24/7

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Mar 22, 2012
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***Get Fresh, Working Proxies!***

Everyone in marketing needs fresh, working proxies!

Harvest ten's of thousands of proxies anytime you need them with Paigham Bot Proxy Scraper & Checker Pro.

How Much?

BHW SPECIAL: $19.99 for a lifetime license key

For Less Than $20 You Can Get A Lifetime Worth Proxies!

Use Discount Code: PBPROXYPRO


Terms Of Sale:

  1. This sale is for a lifetime license key and application software as described herein.
  2. After purchase software will be delivered via YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL Within 1-24 hours (Usually within 1hr.)
  3. Refunds may be granted within 48 hours of purchase. After 48 hours the sale is final and no refunds.
  4. Support for the application is handled here: http://www.paighambot.com/support/
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Software works as described - very easy to use and does what it promises with no fuss. Scraped 10000 proxies very quickly, tested them all in about 20 minutes and found 3581 working proxies. Exported these, double-checked with GSA which verified 3,364 working against google.
Thanks Apricot for the awesome review. There is a 5 day trial available for this item. Just Sign up here: GET NOW BY CLICKING HERE.

I do want to say, one thing that makes this proxy scraper and checker different than others on the market, is our method for actually testing proxies. We believe our proxy check works better than other software to give you more accurate results with proxies that will last longer than other software using stale proxy sources and inaccurate proxy judges.

This software is simple, yet very accurate and efficient.

Also. since this thread has been originally posted there have been some powerful updates made to the software. Some of the updates include, new checks implemented for testing against Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google.com, Google w/ Footprint and also whether or not proxy is showing a captcha and a Port skip/blacklist.

For the price, accuracy and power, there is no reason why you shouldn't get this; unless you just don't need proxies!

Here is a vid of the latest version:

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I have received a lifetime key and I must say it's awesome. In less than 1 minute it can harvest up to 10k proxies out of which at least 500 are google passed, for anyone who uses gsa and scrapebox you know how amazing this rate is!

Definitely worth the money.
Review time :-

I also get lifetime license key, If you need proxies regularly, this bot works perfectly. I have tested and using proxies. Plus no monthly subscription. $20 for life time license key for fast proxy scraper is cheap.

There is new update to test proxies against fb, twitter, pinterest, ig.
I received a free review copy of the tool and I gotta say,this one's a beast. The sheer speed of scraping proxies is what amazes me. Also,it's only $20 for a lifetime subscription so it really can't get any better than that. If you're someone that requires proxies on a very regular basis,this is what you need.

Keep developing! :)
I just entered the code you posted above.
It didn't work.

Use Discount Code: PBPROXYPRO
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Try it again. Had one setting off on the coupon settings.

applied for a free code in email now.
just sent a reply.
btw,your download link(dropbox) is dead too.
software cannot be downloaded. i got it from cnet now...
applied for a free code in email now.
just sent a reply.
btw,your download link(dropbox) is dead too.
software cannot be downloaded. i got it from cnet now...

Is that the free proxy checker, your referencing? That will only check proxies from lists that you download and does not test against social media sites like FB, twitter etc.

Regarding drop box, yeah they just started recently blocking traffic because were generating too much traffic (who knew DB did that?), so we have sent all download files through mediafire. New link will be corrected in email. Thanks for letting us know. Check your email in a few moments for the key.

EDIT: It seems you didnt finish the process with get the Pro Scraper & Checker, you will have to do that before getting the app. But sending you the key for the Free limited Proxy Checker which you downloaded
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Ordered but cant download
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Do you offer any trial before purchase?

Btw, Good luck with your sales.
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