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    That's a very old method, most of you know this.

    Google indexes lot of pages per day and some "webmasters" doesn't block the access to robots and crawlers so Google can give you tons of paid and important things which you are looking for.

    Get paid tools, ebooks, different things for FREE with Google

    You have to search these on Google in quotes.

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    Get discount coupons for every tool you need - Apply this before buy something

    You can check website.com/robots.txt to see pages not allowed on public. Another great thing you can do finding discounts for different tools, products etc.

    Most of discounts I've found are from these searches. Lot of searches I've made just on pages from that specific website.

    site:toolwebsite.com allintitle: discount, special, offer, coupon
    site:toolwebsite.com "discount" "special" "offer"

    or mix it up, I don't have any ideas now.

    If you can't find any discount with that searches another great way to get discount coupons or even free tools/products is to contact the seller. You need some social ingineering skills for this like creating a story. Personally I have a story with a 16year old girl passionated about IM which will need a lot of time to buy that specific tool.

    Or you can tell them that you can offer reviews on forums or popular blogs if you can get that product with a discount coupon or free. I've got numerous discount offers for tools like market samurai, pagelines, link assistant etc. but I didn't bought them. First because I don't have money to spend on all tools and second because I've just tested if works or not.
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