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    [The problem]

    1- you are building backlinks but it has 50 : 70 % index rate.
    2- you are using indexer services buy still has the same index rate.
    3- every time you take the backlinks and check if it is indexed or not
    5- you take the Not indexed backlinks and add it again to the indexer
    6- after while you take the backlinks and check it again and you may forget to do that.
    7- after month you will forget to check the backlinks and forget to reindexit

    * if you are spending 300 $ every month that is mean you are losing 150 $ because of not indexed backlinks

    * you have indexer but in some days you forget to add a links to it .

    now you can maximize your maximize your profitability of backlinks and indexer

    ReIndexIt is cloud service that will help you to do all what you forget to do .

    just add your backlinks and Reindex it will scan it every day and check if it is indexed or not .
    if not he will send you a list of Not indexed backlinks and you send it again to your indexer
    or you can reindexit from your dashboard using your indexer Apis access (coming soon )

    How its work ?

    • 1. add your back-links to Reindexid

    • 2. Reindexit will check your backlinks indexing and will send you a report for NOT indexed backlinks

    • 3. you will send your NOT indexed backlinks again to your indexers to be Re Index IT

    • 4. you can re index it from Reindexit using your indexer APIS (Coming soon).


    get it free from here reindexit.com

    please add comment if you want to add anything its in beta now and i hope it can help you