[Get] Free Plagiarism Checker X 2015 Pro with 100% discount


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Jun 2, 2012
One of my IM mate recommended me this deal.So i thought i'd share this with my fellow BHWers also.This license is valid for One year.I downloaded it and using right now.I was also using anything other than Copyscape since everything is free.And i added this also to my tools.Be hurry guys,the offer ends in some hours.Give it a go.

PS: Use 'run as admin' in windows
Works Perfectly... 14 More hours to go, Grab it fast.

Thanks Mate :)
Thanks for the share. Maybe a silly question but can't you just check for plagiarism by pasting a paragraph into Google within "...." marks?

Edit: Turned out it was a silly question because after using the software, I get it now. Thanks :)
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Hey kbklash

Thanks for sharing the deal, I just happened to arrive in time.
Time to make it work. It will come in handy with getting "creative" with articles.
All the best to you, mister
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