[GET Free Method] Social Network Tracking site you can use to boost real likes, etc


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Apr 3, 2012
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There was another thread asking about getting real +1's, etc. I posted some info on this site I use, which started in my city.

If you want natural, free and real people +1's, Likes, tweets, followers, comments, or traffic....

This site is like a social networking ranking system, which is based on a stock market type value. You create a personal "ticket" like the stock market and you use fake money to buy/sell/trade and invest in other people.

Here is why I like it.

1. It was originally developed in my city, Edmonton.
2. It has been spreading fast and is a very active site now.
3. As you build your profile, simply link other social networks to it. You increase your value and income on the site for stuff you already do.
4. Missions is where the gold is here: create and do missions for many things
- twitter re-tweets, facebook likes, vistis, comments, re-post, google sharing, +1's and pretty much anthing else you can think of.
5. You get natural type of traffic, mostly, from people from all over the world and VERY random.

The site is http://www.empireavenue.com

There is no referrals to it, but you are welcome to pm me your "ticker" and I will invest in you. You can also invest in me, search ticker "RYANZ"

This is totally free site too.

Use it for anything you can think of to get twitter followers to facebook page likes and comments and whatever traffic you want... You can even localize your traffic or create niche specific target groups and even promote back to them in site messages and more.

Let me know what you think about the site. Please post in thread.

There is no BHW community yet, I invite someone here to create one. I don't really want to create it because I still consider myself a noob. I would like a more seasoned black-hatter to create it, then I can join it.

This is my first real share on this site after getting so much help and information since I joined a short while ago.