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Get Free .Gov ******** backlink collection

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by DonK1, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. DonK1

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    Feb 9, 2009
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    I am giving away the location of 4 .GOV sites whose respective homepages are Pr3/ PR6 / Pr7 /PR8. and whose internal pages go up to pr5 (that I have found).

    These 4 sites have between them blogs/forums/news sections/galleries and guest books that are do-follow enabled. So YOU can benefit from the full SEO potential that a .GOV site provides.

    We all know how high PR backlinks are great; and how High PR .EDU links are even better .Gov are one of those elusive tld's, from which a backlink could mean a BIG difference in your serps.


    The package will contain:
    - 4 urls of the .gov sites with locations where there is an example of a external do-follow link.
    - A quick scan of the INTERNAL pages of 2 of the sites highlighting the high PR pages, allowing you to get in and waste no time.
    - An brief explanation how I found these links and how YOU could find them to! (an example pr 4 do-follow page is included when explaining the method)
    - A bonus PR7 .edu site whose forum is also do-followed as a further example of the methods positive aspects.
    - A simple trick to find other blogs that give you keyword do-follow links.
    - A list of do-follow search

    All you have to do is http://thenexus.tk/free-gov-dofollow-backlinks/ and it will all be emailed to you! Any Questions feel free to ask me! Also once you get the report feel free to leave a post here!
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