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    I am giving away the location of 4 .GOV sites whose respective homepages are Pr3/ PR6 / Pr7 /PR8. and whose internal pages go up to pr5 (that I have found).

    These 4 sites have between them blogs/forums/news sections/galleries and guest books that are do-follow enabled. So YOU can benefit from the full SEO potential that a .GOV site provides.

    We all know how high PR backlinks are great; and how High PR .EDU links are even better .Gov are one of those elusive tld's, from which a backlink could mean a BIG difference in your serps.


    The package will contain:
    - 4 urls of the .gov sites with locations where there is an example of a external do-follow link.
    - A quick scan of the INTERNAL pages of 2 of the sites highlighting the high PR pages, allowing you to get in and waste no time.
    - An brief explanation how I found these links and how YOU could find them to! (an example pr 4 do-follow page is included when explaining the method)
    - A bonus PR7 .edu site whose forum is also do-followed as a further example of the methods positive aspects.
    - A simple trick to find other blogs that give you keyword do-follow links.
    - A list of do-follow search

    All you have to do is and it will all be emailed to you! Any Questions feel free to ask me! Also once you get the report feel free to leave a post here!
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