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[GET]Free Fast Multi Threaded Rapid Indexer with no Limits

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by innocent_kid, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. innocent_kid

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    Feb 9, 2010
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    Hey guys
    well i am new into automation in java and till now only made very few automation bots and trying to make a break into this field and learning more
    BHW has given me a lot of knowledge .. here is some effort back
    This bot works same way as scrapebox rapid indexer it just dosnt have any limit
    basicaly bot replaces {website} in url with ur link and visits the links.. loads it and closes it and go on
    such as .. in scrapebox rapid indexer you can run only 100k records at a time i guess.. that is like only 1k links with 100 sites
    but in this bot there is not limit...
    speed? its multithreaded...Fast and Fast.. using html unit driver so speedy enough
    Dosnt Look Tidy but does the job
    for someone it might get little tricky to use... as it needs mysql and java runtime envoirnment installed though rest is easy!
    if anyone finds any bugs please post in this thread and i will make it work as soon as possible
    so anyway here are instructions

    works on : windows , mac , linux , solaris(basicaly where ever java works)

    Step 1 : Download the bot files.. dont move any files from any folders here is links .. reason filesize is 32mb due to selenium library
    Step 2 : install java runtime envoirnment 8
    Step 3 : Install mysql server on ur windows/mac/linux/server any will work and enter details if u are installing mysql server on ur own pc or windows rdp use host as default "localhost" without "
    i install it on my own pc or my windows server... makes everything go faster and lag-free just google for mysql server installer

    Step 4: open mysql and run one simple command "create database indexer;" without "

    Step 5: now load your indexer list here is one i made of about 91 sites :

    Step 6 : load your links

    Step 7 : Set threads

    Step 8 : Click run and wait!! if button is looking like it stayed pressed in.(looking like bot is hang) that just means bot is running so dont panic

    I know its not most tidy bot..and not most easy.. but its free and does the job

    Additional stuff
    to check how many links are done you can type this command in mysql command line prompt
    "Select count(*) from links where status='done';"
    without "

    You can also post or pm me some small bot requests.. if i feel like it.. i will develop it :)
    but you need to tell me how exactly bot will work instead of saying "youtube views generator"

    Innocent_Kid / Ace-coders
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2015