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    Hello every one i am new at fiverr so for getting some good stats i need you help !!! you buy my gigs in exchange i give you 900 social bookmarking for your site !! i will use social demon social bookmarker for submitting

    all i need form you is

    TITLE: like : {Getting|Applying for|Finding}
    DESCRIPTION: {A used car|Used vehicles|A car finance deal|Good car loan} {is a good answer for|is what we are looking for in|is a quick way to buy a car}

    pm me with all your details !!!! after your payment send me an pm in fiverr with you bhw user name so i know who you are !!!! after the job done please leave me an nice feed back =)

    so you are actually paying $5 for 900 social bookmarking ...please search the net how much 900 social bookmarking costs =)

    my profile on fiverr is http://fiverr.com/davejone

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