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[GET] FREE 1000 YT Views To Each and Every One Of Your Videos High Retention

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Vitaliy101, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Vitaliy101

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    Apr 25, 2012
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    This is very very simple: high retention views, likes, and shares are crucial ranking factors for Youtube and Google.

    The problem is that it is getting harder and harder to get real views.
    Fiverr sellers are offering crappy service (even though they are claiming that it is great quality).

    Other YT exchangers (at least the ones that I've tried) don't have custom time lenght, and YT is not counting the views.

    I used u2be views exchanger a few years ago, and I was doing great at ranking videos. Unfortunately, that service is no longer available. I am getting back to video marketing now, and it looks like no tool on the market will bring real views, likes, subscribers on an autopilot. But I just found a good one that is called Ultraviews. It is stable, it is Adsense safe, and it has an excellent customer support (Skype group).

    It is free for now, so it is a good time to join it.
    The only issue is that not many people are using it right now because the developers don't have the money-making intentions. So at this moment I can get about 70-80 views per video, and it gives a great boost (I can only imagine what it will do with 1000 views!).

    It is very easy to use.You can install it on your computer or your VPS, and it runs itself (even restarts without your help in case it crashes).
    When you earn some points just assign them to your video - how many views, likes, subscribers you want; the length of video views (this is a very cool feature), and your traffic source.

    Here is my affiliate link, but if you don't want to join under me, it's cool. Just copy and paste domain address to join. But if you decide to join under me, I will find a way to thank you by either sending some info or sharing new cool strategies and services. :59handshake:

    It should be easy to find 1000 people who want to rank in Youtube and Google and not waste time and money on Fiverr and other useless exchangers.
    So join now and let's benefit from it together.
  2. MuayThai

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    Aug 25, 2015
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