(GET) FREE 1000 Twitter Followback Users - 24 Hour Tested 10-12.....

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    These followback users will have been scraped by using the following search
    terms, 1000aday, 100aday, 200aday, 500aday, autofollow, autofollowback, f4f,
    ff, follow4follow, followall, followback, followfriday, followme, followngain,
    follownow, gofollow, ifb, ifollowall, instantfollow, instantfollowback,
    justfollow, mustfollow, realfollowback, taf, teamautofollow, teamfollow,
    teamfollowback, teamfollowbomb, teamfollowcrew, teamfollowwack, tfb,
    wefollowback. I then break them down into groups of about 480, I follow all
    of them, then in 24 hours I get a list of the ones that have followed me back
    and this is 1000 of the followers that followed back.

    hxxp : // www . mediafire . com / ? 90xu3jbhx757gwz