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[GET] Exact Match Domain Keywords With Exact Global Search Volume More Than 2400

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cyberzilla, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. cyberzilla

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    Nov 15, 2009
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    zeta reticuli
    I received a mail from Sc0t [email protected] promoting a keyword tool. He mentioned few EMD keywords which he found using that tool. Search volume is not very high, but still someone here may grab it after analysing the keyword competition. Here are the keywords.

    hotelsintampaflorida [.org]          2,900
    cityoftampajobs [.net|org]           2,400
    tampafloridaattractions [.net|.org]  3,600
    tampaattractions [.net|.org]         2,400
    hotelsneardisneylandanaheim [.net|.org] 2,400
    disneylandcaliforniaadventure [.net|.org] 2,400
    disneylandpasses [.net|.org]              2,900
    disneylandparisoffers [.net|.org]         3,600
    cruisesoutofneworleans [.net|.org]        2,400
    restaurantsinneworleans [.org]       2,900
    neworleansevents [.net|.org]              2,400
    whattodoinneworleans [.net|.org]          2,900
    neworleansjazzfestival [.org]        3,600
    gedigitalcamera [.net|org]               2,400