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[GET] Creepy Go0gl3 Stalker - Chances are you have already!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by N0H4T, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. N0H4T

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Frankfurt, Germany
    I was checking out the option of using
    to announce a product of mine and I was looking for reviews of this service as you do and I came across this article on a blog (not mine of course) about how Google uses its ads on non contextual sites based on your previous sufing habits. These ads follow you around!

    The blog post goes on to detail experiments the author of the blog post did to see how all this worked.
    I have known about this for a while and about how they show you ads in your Gmail Account according to the emails that you send and receive. For example you could be complaining about your spouse in an email with a friend and the next thing you will see will be ads about marriage guidance etc. But I never consciously realised the extent of this cyber stalking.

    Basically whenever you sign up to free services and sites you should always read the TOS with a magnifying glass, as many of them allow these sites to use your data, therefore you should really decide if this is what you can live with. Also this Go0gl3 stalking gets worse or works better for Go0gl3 if you stay logged into your gmail account while surfing and or if you use Chr0me in its normal "non porn" mode ie without privacy.

    Oh I forgot this, if you are using the content network, this might have consequences on the amount you pay and increase the difficulty of measuring your campaign and its effectiveness

    ...So, if I clicked on a prweb ad on Google's search page and that set a cookie showing that I was interested in Press Release submission services, now Google is going to show me ads about PRWeb on every site I ever visit. That could be both good and bad for an advertiser. In the case of PRWeb I had already purchased (and they already paid for my click). Google, however, doesn't know or care whether you've already purchased a service, but they do know that you clicked on a certain ad and if you clicked it once, you'll probably click it again.
    Advertisers might end up spending a lot more on clicks, but they also might get "pre-qualified" traffic from the content network. This could make testing the content network a little trickier, since the content network has always been a bit of a crapshoot. Now if you start to target a site because you're getting clicks there, it might not be due to any contextual relevance. Instead they might just have the cookie set and Google shows them what it thinks they'll click. On the other hand, like Perry Marshall explains about right angle connections, you might just find an angle or some new keywords based on the sites where people go after (maybe a long time after) they first show interest in you by clicking one of your other ads....
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