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    A new client of mine had a shiny but questionable marketing company do some work on their Google plus local listing (when it was places) and now the company won't give them the credentials to manage it themselves. Any ides on what's the best way to deal with it?

    Should I just start a new one? Or try to get it back for them?

    The marketing company have done almost nothing to "SEO" the listing and they even put up images totally unrelated to the niche - they are mechanics but all the pics are of smashed cars (the owner couldn't work out why they get calls about smash repairs). The client tried to cancel the contract at the end of the agreed period, but no-one would answer emails one return the calls so she canceled the credit card, then got debt collectors on the door - 2yrs later.
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    This sounds like a nightmare. Your best bet is to contact Google and let them know what is happening. Assuming that the business owner can provide clear and convincing proof that they are the rightful owner of the listing, Google will shut the other one down and the owner (or yourself) can set up a new one.

    The person in this thread had a similar issue,

    Hope that helps,

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