Get Approaved Quickly By Best CPA Affiliate Network I Found

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by dloader22, Feb 25, 2009.

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    I finally found a really good CPA affiliate network that actually respects, listens to and tries to help their affiliates while offering some of the highest payouts on the net right now. It has all different kinds of offers in different niches: email submits (pays $1.25-$1.50 per lead), one page forms (pay $8-$12 per lead), and offers that require visitor to pay $1.99 for S&H and pay $25-$35 per lead.

    I'm not sharing the name of affiliate network since this isn't just another affiliate network recommendation post. The affiliate network has been shared on bhw posts in the past and is well known however they don't approve everyone and are a bit picky. I'm looking for 5 people to network with in general, here is what I'll do:

    - I'll share with you exactly how I applied and got approved to this network within 48 hours. You can choose to join under my affiliate link or not, it's really up to you.

    - The questions the AM will ask you when he/she calls to decide whether or not to approve you, and the answers you need to say to get approved. I'll also share with you the general traits and characteristics they are looking for to the best of knowledge.

    - After getting approved I'll share with you the best offers that converted well for me and exactly how I market them, everything from sales copy to traffic generation methods.

    - Our group (me + 5 people picked from here) will network together and share with each other what's working, how we are making money online, etc. Kind of like a mastermind group. We'll not only learn great money making secrets from each other, we'll also help each other stay motivated and on track.

    This isn't for anyone who thinks of internet marketing as a hobby. It also isn't for anyone who's looking for the next get rich quick scam. While I can help you generate lots of money from CPA networks, you have to realize that it does take hard work. I can't count the number of people I've helped get approaved by CPA networks, who even joined under my affiliate link yet never made a single penny on the network, in fact half never even tried sending any kind of traffic. It's sad but true, so if you aren't serious then please don't waste your time and mine and move on to somethig else you find more enjoyable.

    Also realize that while you will be making money the real benifit of this opportunity is getting to network within a small group of serious cpa marketers who are willing to help each other make money. If you aren't willing to share or help others, and just want to take take take without giving, then again this opportunity isn't for you.

    If you are intrested send me a private message and let me know a bit about your experience with cpa networks and internet marketing.

    Note to Mods: I'm not selling anything just offering to help a few members get approved by a good affiliate network I found
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    Just about every affiliate networks have email submits, one page forms, and rebilling acai offers, which are dying.

    This is a pretty lame attempt to refer ppeople.
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    dloader this is a pathetic attempt at getting sign ups. It has always been good manners on webmaster forums to include 2 links: one affiliate link and one non-affililate link. Give people a choice.
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    nice post. maybe we can help each other. :)
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    Why dont you just share it for us? There are many many guru share their tips methods for members free.
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    This is really lame. I don't understand why you can't just tell us the name of that network, instead of writing an essay about it.
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    I don't know what to say with all the bad attempts to get people to sign up under them but then again, this might be a honest offer. You'll never know unless you try it out i guess...

    Okay then, sign me up for this one and i'll test the waters...
  8. dschill

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    willing to talk to you about it and possible help each other out drop me a pm
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    It would be better if you post it here

    BTW I sent you PM