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    Nov 15, 2007
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    Get Altitude was the big talk at of this year and still is, but is it really worth the 10,000 dollar price tag.
    I guess now that the gurus are regularly reaching larger than life profits, those big demands will not stop.
    Hell , wouldn?t it be great to put on a seminar where just 4 people show up and score 40 Grand in pure profit.
    Alright, enough with the fluff. I order Get Altitude on the pay plan and I couldn?t believe it, No credit card charge, and 100 percent free for 30 days. All I could wonder is why, then it hit me.
    Let?s do the math, the DVDs cost 1500 dollars it was 15 dvds and a notebook. The possible real cost to make those dvds, lets say a buck each, notebook another dollar. Now I returned it and it cost me 9 bucks.
    Out of a hundred people it cost Mr. Pagan around 3000 grand to ship out. Now if he paid affiliates 50% he would only need just 4 people at $750 dollars a piece to keep the DVDs to break even. I think we all know that he hit the mother load. Hell just 25 people = 17,650 what a R.I.O
    The whole purpose of this post is to simply get your products in the hands of as many people as possible and sit back cause the cash flood will come Rollin in.
    I plan to get more in-depth in a later post but right now I?m having a super ahh ha moment.
    Thankz for now and Merry Christmas
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    I don't believe he's making anything. All of that stuff has been done before by Anthony Robbins. Why would someone come out with a feel good set of dvds for that kind of money that's insane? He did however do a good job when he went by David De Angelo, and he promoted the double your dating dvds.