[GET] Add 1,000+ LinkedIn Connections In 3 Minutes

Someone facing problem to upload .CSV, when upload than cant process file,because you need to change little bit in CSV file.

1st column and 1st row ADD: Email Address
Save the CSV and work fine. Hope its will help
Do the links still work? Would very much like to try this, yet mediafire says to me that there are no such files :eek:
Another thing that can be possible is upload the Facebook 1 million email list as well
would that work also?
Rather than having them follow you, can you request they follow your company somehow?

I've never used LinkedIn, but as a business owner, I guess it's about time. And either way I'll be utilizing this method - thank you!
All of the people here are excited for this tutorial. I am new here and I'm curious what would be the effect of having 1000+ friends in linked in? sorry for the noob question.
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Can someone please send me the file, the links not work no more, the files have been deleted from media fire.

Please I am very interested on it.

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