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    I have applied 3 times for applied epn this week,but always got rejected...Doese anyone can give some tips for get into EPN? any advice will be appreciated.
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    what type of niche site epn will like??

    any advice will be appreciated.
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    First off we need to know a few things:
    • EPN in their review process is looking for quality, aged and content filled websites that
    they could envision putting a few ebay links alongside.
    • Keep in mind all these points in this report are teaching you how to get APPROVED
    for EPN, not how to build profitable EPN sites. A profitable EPN site is a
    different strategy than a site to just get Approved and will be Covered in the

    So let's go through each one of these points:
    • This first off means for the approval process NO REVIEW SITES (or Conduit Sites)
    will be approved
    • This means that there needs to be extensive content of a quality nature that meets a few
    criteria (note this is a thin line to balance)
    • It is related to some niche that eBay has product listings
    • The content or blog posts are not just a Ramp-Up or reviews to put in affiliate links. They
    want to see great written content that is related to a niche, but not necessarily
    written as "filler" content or reviews just to sell affiliate products
    • An example of a site eBay would DISAPPROVE would be a blog with a bunch of posts,
    each being dedicated to a different brand of snowboard or snowboarding gear and
    then having affiliate links within that blog post trying to sell that equipment, or
    even if there are no affiliate links, it is obvious that you are just waiting to get
    approved to put them in. These are called "review" sites and usually get
    • An Example of a site eBay would APPROVE would be a blog where the author writes
    about snowboarding and experiences and thoughts, though not particularity
    focusing on equipment or whatever, just a site that would be a good go-to
    resource or entertainment for snowboarders. Ebay loves sites like this and will
    usually approve if all other parts are in place.
    • Do not include any other advertisements in your Approval Site. This means no Adsense,
    no Amazon, no Products, nothing.
    • Do not even think about submitting a site for approval that already has eBay or Affiliate
    Mage feeds in it. This is automatic disapproval.
    Site Age and History
    • EPN is looking for sites that have been around for sometime. It's best if you already have
    a blog you can use and spice up for the approval process.
    • The criteria you need to look for in your own site to submit for approval or if you are
    thinking about buying a site for approval is the following
    • Domain Age. You want a domain that has been registered for at least a year. If
    it is a new domain, make sure you have registration for at least 2 YEARS.
    (this is because spammers always register domains for only 1 year. )
    • The amount of indexed pages and the amount of backlinks. You should also
    click and check some of those backlinks
    • You want to make sure you have the right kind of backlinks as the wrong
    kind of backlinks will get you rejected quickly.
    • You want to make sure that there are no backlinks to your site coming from
    anything even remotely close to any of the following subjects
    • Adult, Gambling, Warez, Pharmacy products, Make Monies Online,
    Mortgage, Credit cards, forex, weight loss or link directories.
    Yes, I said link directories, eBay well knows that most sites with inbound
    links from link directories are generally not going to be great quality
    Personal Applicant Information.
    • Run a check of your domain at they will tell you lots of
    interesting information you may have not known. They basically cross reference
    your 'Name" and email address with all domain records so can figure out what
    other domains you own under that same name or email. Ebay has access to all
    these same tools with the full reports that you would have to pay to see. This
    means during their approval process they may cross-reference your given
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • IP addresses
    • Your information. Remember that Ebay owns Paypal which has arguably the
    worlds best online fraud detection systems. Meaning that you need to
    play very straight. First off, if you use the same computer/IP/email as
    you use for Paypal or eBay to apply, then this information will be cross
    referenced. A good point is if you have a long and good standing with
    eBay and Paypal then this will work in your favor as well. This also
    means never use a VPN or Proxy while applying or accessing your
    And when you are ready to apply...
    • The Actual Application
    • First off, EPN has lately been rejecting publishers that do not come from Western
    Countries. If you are coming from a place that is not US/CANADA/WESTERN
    EUROPE/OZ/NZ then you are going to have a make a very strong case to get
    accepted. This is just the way it is. There is nothing we can do about this.
    • Your Business Model will be Natural Search/Website
    • If you have a COMPANY Name. Use that instead of your Personal Name. EPN wants
    to deal with PROFESSIONALS.
    • Do NOT CHECK any of the boxes that say "Incentives, Email, Downloadable"
    • Put in your website URL and make sure it meets the following criteria per above
    • Public Domain Registration for at least 2 years
    • Use the same email and address to apply for EPN as is on the domain registration.
    • No Ads on your site.
    • Content is focused on some niche that could have eBay products, but is a General Blog
    discussion - ie... not a bunch of PRODCUT REVIEWS.
    • Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions
    • No PLR, Spun, or space filler articles. It will be obvious to an experienced human
    Then all you can do is cross your fingers and wait. Usually they should get back to you in 2-3
    days or so and if they deny you can check out the EPN forums and there are often mods posting
    there that you can email for a manual review. Always be polite and be honest and you will
    generally not have any issues. If you have a decent quality site, then appealing will sometimes
    work. You can also use (and should before you start emailing people) the contact form.
    Which as I understand is constantly monitored and replied to. You can find it via the EPN help
    Remember to be VERY Professional and polite. They are not required to accept you. There
    are many cases of people with decent quality sites being rejected and petitioning for a review and
    subsequently being accepted. Anything other than absolute professionalism and you will not
    get very far.
    Once you have been approved, you can pretty much do whatever you like within their TOS
    {80% chance to get approved}
    Good Luck!
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