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    0 is a new site, where people can submit their own articles and get quality links back to their site.
    It's very easy - you are just submiting your article with up to 3 links and waiting for admin approval of your article.

    And it is absolutely for free!

    Just follow these steps:

    • on this site
    • Login
    • Go to Posts>Add New
    • Add your article with up to 3 links to your sites
    • Wait till your article will be approved
    • Get visitors to your site

    Also there are some requirements for your site get approved:

    • The main requirement we are asking from our members is to add articles not describing their sites, but talk about something informative and useful. But in that article you can add links to other sites (for example your site).
    • Place your articles only in the most suitable category.
    • No copied or other dublicated content!
    • No more than 3 links in one article.
    • Articles can't be less than 150 and more than 1000 words lenght.
    • Only english content and links in it!
    • No adult, warez, gambling or other illegal content and links to these sites!

    It is a very attractive for those members, who are making a link building and wants to get a free advertising.

    IT'S FREE!