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    Hi I just released my very first e-book today. It is called The Best HYIP Guide. The e-book isn't just about throwing money into pyramids and pulling it out. The e-book will teach people how to start a blog about hyips / cyclers and how to charge a decent amount when selling adspace to the admins of hyips. It also teaches about starting a hyip monitor site and the best places to promote it. It also teaches about HYIP traffic and their mindset, and good offers to promote to them.

    My e-book and aff program are through e-junkie. The e-book is $30 and it is 56 pages. You will get 75% of each sale, which is $22 per sale :)

    This is a great JV for people who have a HYIP list, or have a HYIP related website. I already have this e-book on the DP marketplace for $30.

    Here is the link to register as an affiliate:

    Thanks and I look forward to working with you, Ill be away for a few hours but when I return you can contact me on AIM at: wealthylives if you have any questions :cool: