Get 50% commission of each sale and keep getting paid for lifetime

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    Hi all,we started the affiliate program of our membership website last week and so far got 13 affiliates.They all are working hard and making some good cash.At an average they are making about $20-$25 a day!!

    Our website is which provides membership of high Page Rank do follow backlinks.The membership is monthly subscription basis.Members need to pay $10 each month for this membership.And for this price they gets the list of high PR backlinks which are updated once or twice a week.

    We are giving 50% commission to all our affiliates.That means you will get $5 for each sale and you will keep getting paid monthly recurring basis for that sale.So if you just make a sale then you get $5 each month.

    The site's affiliate program run on amember script that makes it cheat proof.You can get the live click/sale stat from the affiliate panel.You can see how much you earned.

    Payment :Currently the only payment option is Paypal.Payment are made on each Sunday automatically and there isn't minimum payment.But if you want you can request your first payment daily and your payment will be sent to your paypal account.To do that you need to contact me[Send me an email at (support at]

    Current Stat :

    Total Members : 106(81 paid)
    Total Affiliates : 13

    How to join as affiliate:

    Just signup at and then don't pay the paypal fees.Then login with your username and password and there under affiliates tab you will find your affiliate url and affiliate stat.

    If you have any question then feel free to ask.

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    How are you doing now?
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    I was wondering of you have some specific rule in where we can post your affiliate links? Please tell me. Thanks