[GET] $275 In AdCenter Voucehers Method

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    Sep 29, 2011
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    hi all....this is not my method. i got it from Peerfly Blog:

    Hey everyone. I found a way for you to get $275 in adspend on Bing for $12! Just follow the steps below to grab that traffic. This is a very solid way to get a campaign optimized for close to free! This will only work with new Adcenter accounts as far as I know.1. Create your Adcenter account.
    2. Go to
    Bing Webmaster Tools. You will see in red "click here blah blah blah $50″. Follow the instructions after clicking on the link for $50 voucher.
    3. Fill in your info
    here for another $25 bucks.
    4. Purchase
    this Kindle book (Search Engine Advertising).
    5. You'll need to email
    [email protected] with your Amazon order # requesting your Adcenter promo code.
    6. Once you have that go
    here and fill in your info for a $200 voucher.All of these are stackable meaning that after about 15 minutes work you will now have a $275 testing budget. The $200 voucher offer is only valid through June of 2012 for those in the USA.