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Oct 6, 2008
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This is an extract of the most popular keywords out of 4M entries which was revealed accidentally by Yahoo some time ago. Enjoy.



This is an extract of Y database of 33M search queries resulting in 4M different keywords users searched for. The file above contains the 110k most popular search queries - unfiltered and with some crap, but still and originally user's search queries. I use it for HRefer as words list, but there are for sure other use cases. You might be tempted to use that list to search for new keywords for your website. Due to the age of that list (probably 3 years), this won't necessarily work well.
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Cool, can I ask where did you get this from?
Cool, can I ask where did you get this from?

I really do not remember, it is 2 years ago. If you want the whole, unfiltered list, maybe you can search for Yahoo keyword database or so.
Looks like piece of crap..
Seriously - WHAT IS THAT?
Don't have to be harsh about it. I'm checking it out now and seems great, but I wonder how popular those keywords are, which leaves one thing! Test a few of them out :)
Eww, was looking at this least, like every 10 keywords involves underage girls. :S

I am using it with scrapebox :p i know it is so bad lol but it is generating good blogs :p

Looking for more ^^
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