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    I often read threads about xRumer or Scrapebox where people complain that their links don't get indexed. I have a pretty basic way to guarantee that your backlinks actually stick, this won't work for those looking to blast a million links (unless you have a script to manage all search queries and exporting of links), it is just a real nice method for getting a few fundred (quality/targetted) backlinks. Lets get started!

    Harvesting your own links:

    So, we want to make sure the search engines pick up our links. I found the best way to do this is to copy the backlinks of the sites you KNOW use xRumer/Scrapebox and paste these in a list you're going to use to blast your own site/doorway/parasite. As we all know pharma is hot under xRumer users, so we'll search for 'buy viagra online' on G:


    4/6 results for this keyword have used BH techniques to get there. I wouldn't even call the parasite hosts BH, these are just hacked .edu servers. Spammers like them because of the Trustrank given to them by Google (causing high rankings). Doorways are 'minisites' or just pages you use to drop your main link on that you want to promote. People do this because your site can get taken out of the search engines for a while if you build to many backlinks in a short amount of time. Besides that you might benefit from the PR and TR the main domain has. If you want to read more about parasites and doorways, please look here, there's a lot of useful information you can use to benefit from BEFORE you blast:

    Now, onto the actual harvesting on the list. I'll show you a realtime example. I've chosen a doorway page ( to copy backlinks from and use them on our own.

    1. Go to
    2. Copy the site name as it appears in Google and hit enter. In my case it was
    3. According to backlinkwatch this site has 14052 backlinks. Bingo! We can make a good list out of this.
    4. Use a Firefox addon (Copy Links) to easily export the links in Notepad. Select all of the links that appear on the page and rightclick 'Copy Links -> Copy Selected Links' and paste them into Notepad.
    5. Repeat this as much as you want with any search query/site result and use the text file with your founded links to blast in xRumer/Scrapebox.

    The trick ofcourse is that you're now only blasting to sites of which you know they were indexed before by search engines, so it's highly likely they'll get crawled again by the spiders. Your success % will depend on the program you use to blast and its capability to adapt and post to the links. Hope you guys found this useful!
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    But Ive seen a lot of these links that are actually authority links placed on the site by a webmaster. So I guess you could probably get roughly half of the links? What is your success rate with this?
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    okay i have the list, now can i have the blasting program?