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Get $100 Free Advertising From A New Search Engine.

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by darkman, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. darkman

    darkman Regular Member

    Jan 17, 2009
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    Here's a new offer from Jon Leger regarding his new search engine.


    As I mentioned in an email I sent out Saturday evening, I've created
    a search engine -- SearchWinds.com. It's based on Bing results,
    but uses the same credibility engine that's making my social-
    knowledge site, TipDrop.com, so popular so fast.

    That credibility engine lets SearchWinds users vote on the search
    results to move them up or down in the ranking, but in a smart way
    that prevents spammers from owning the results (which has always
    been the problem with vote-based engines).

    You can also suggest sites you feel should rank for a set of
    keywords if it's not already in the results. Users can then vote
    on your suggestion. If they like it, you build credibility in
    the system (which makes your votes count more).

    I'm already seeing some REALLY great results -- but I need your
    help, and I'm willing to pay you for it.

    Earn As You Build Credibility

    In order to get the SearchWinds results in great shape fast, I'm
    offering you f.ree advertising in the coming pay-per-click system
    in exchange for doing something that's going to help you anyway:
    building credibility in the system.

    Here's how it works:

    1. You perform searches you're knowledgeable in, vote on the
    results and make suggestions for sites that should be in the
    rankings but aren't.

    2. As other users vote for your suggestions, you earn credibility

    3. For each point of credibility you earn (above 100, which is
    what you start off with), you'll earn $1 worth of f.ree advertising
    PER MONTH in the SearchWinds pay-per-click system (coming
    in September).

    So, for instance, if you build up 200 points of credibility by
    voting and submitting results, then you'll get $100 worth of
    f.ree pay-per-click advertising every month that you maintain
    your credibility rating of 200. The more credibility you build,
    the more you earn -- it's that simple.

    Earn By Referring Others

    Of course, for the SearchWinds concept to work well, it needs
    a lot of voting users. That's why I'm also going to give you
    $1 in f.ree PPC advertising for each new user you refer to
    the site through your referal link.

    Your referral link looks like this:


    Replacing, of course, "username" with your own SearchWinds
    account username.

    Each time a visitor you refer creates an account, $1 in
    advertising credit is added to your account. (You can
    see how much credit you've earned by looking at your profile
    page while you're logged in.)

    Refer 100 users and earn $100 in advertising credit. Again,
    it's that simple.


    The SearchWinds pay-per-click system is due out in September,
    so that gives you a few weeks to ramp things up, make a bunch
    of referrals and build some credibility. Then you'll be
    able to advertise your products and services on the results
    pages for the keywords you feel best fit your wares.

    Why not get started right now? Sign up for an account (if
    you haven't already), and start voting, submitting and
    referring other users to the site! I expect SearchWinds
    to take off like TipDrop has taken off -- and TipDrop has
    generated 1.5 million page views in 10 days!

    Here's the link:

    With my affiliate id

    Without my affiliate id