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Mar 30, 2015
Hello guys,

I have spent quite a few months on advertising a dating site. I know the ppc / ppv stuff, and have been using both, the international ad networks [exoclick, trafficjunky etc], as well as local ones, specific for my geo.

Now, as we expand abroad, I am in need of German traffic. While I know that mentioned networks provide German traffic, I would like to combine it with local ones. However, as I don't know German language, I am not really sure how to find it [tried googling some info about it but failed].

Any of you guys know popunder / banner German networks which accept adult content? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
I am not in the adult niche,

but I asure you, most ads are simply translated from google translate. It sounds weird! Example: No Bullshit! (German: Kein Quatsch!) ist mostly translated in "Keine Quatsch!" (= sounds foreign, just because of one fucking letter).

It's ridicoulus, but if they still use it, it should work. But I would create correct german ads, because they are more serious imho.

And german watch the same porn sites as you, the porn industry there is low compared to US.

Hope I could help you a lil bit.

Best Regards,
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