Gerbil's Top 10 Ways of Getting Free Content

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    As every SEO'er knows original content is one of the toughest things to find for successful online promotion. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get what you need. My thesis is that most Blackhatters don't think far enough outside of the box.

    Most of these came out of brainstorming/absurdism chat sessions with MeatRo. Hope these are helpful to everyone. Enjoy.

    1. Register on closed forums and scrape long posts (look for longwinded guys like Winchester or me).

    2. Get a subscription, or better yet arrange for one with a poor law student at

    3. Go on the deepweb and scrape content, of course you'll mostly have to create sites centered around pedophilia and best ways to sacrifice a goat

    4. Hook up Dragon Dictate to CNN and post transcripts to web. If another niche needed find appropriate channel (Food Network for the food niche, History Channel for the lucrative ancient alien niche, MTV for mental disability and alcoholism).

    5. Run some ancient texts like the Torah, Bible or Koran through a translator, then spin the shit out of it (note: would have to find online translator for Ancient Aramaic and Ancient Hebrew)

    6. Hire a million monkeys, provide them with a million typewriters, find a way to filter out legible content (be prepared at some point they might write the complete works of Shakespeare)

    7. Take hostages at banks, instead of money demand content writing as ransom

    8. Post dating profiles, when contacted demand writing samples as proof of literacy from prospects

    9. Look through garbage of middle and high school teachers after they finish grading essays

    10. Offer sexual favors on Craigslist, instead of $ accept payment in content (note: prostitution may be illegal in your state, please check your local laws or consult an attorney).
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    I'm a big fan of #6. We have a banana grove out back so when it is lunch time they only have to go about a quarter of a mile to grab some grub... saves a lot of time and makes them very productive int he afternoons.
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