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    As most of you know you need to have a large diversity of text to use with backlinks. Here is a list of generic terms I use to link with.

    I figured I would share them so that I do not lose them, and others can also benefit from it.

    Each is on a separate line below: - If you have more please post and share!

    click here
    more here
    more info
    more information
    read more
    this link
    follow this
    by clicking here
    get more
    rest of the text
    text source
    article source
    taken from
    all info
    all information
    read the rest
    additional info
    additional information
    go here
    visit this site
    view this
    view this link
    this url
    this page
    this website
    this document
    this article
    this site
    next page
    great site
    great info
    great information
    submitted by
    originally from
    originally by
    used by
    info from
    information from
    hi-lights from
    written by
    posted by
    as described

    more can be found on this thread
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