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    As some of you might know, I started a journey thread a few weeks ago.

    I've written a lot of content, 40 articles and 13 pages so far. I have a Facebook page set up and a Twitter and a Pinterest account for the site. I also created 3 Pinterest and Twitter accounts to retweet the tweets of my main accounts.

    The thing is that I'm trying to get backlinks and I have a few questions about that.

    1. Are Repins and Retweets a good source of backlinks? I read a lot of threads over here and most talk about Social signals, but the concept is not really clear to me. The way I understand it is the more RT and Repins I get, the more backlinks I have. Is it correct?

    2. The second question is linked to the first one. Would it be ok to get retweets and repins from sites like addmefast or would it have a negative impact on the ranking?

    3. I tried commenting on a couple blog posts. I posted a link to my site. I also contributed to a wikia page and put a link to my site as a reference. I'd like to know if these would make good backlinks. I've used a couple of seo tools and none of them detect any backlinks to my site. How does it work exactly? Do backlinks get recognized immediately or is something that works over time? I don't expect to rank in a few days, was just wondering if backlinkshow backlinks are detected.

    4. Last question: are forums a good source of backlinks? What I do is that I search for the keyword I want to rank and try to post my links on the sites that are on the same niche. Some forums show up, but most require to register to see the content. Are these useful for SEO or should I just target them to get traffic.

    I'm a noob and wan't to learn and practice with this journey and eventually scale things up. Thanks you for reading and thanks in advance for the anwers and help ;)
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