General Question about few SEO things and possible Team Up!

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    Aug 28, 2012
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    Hi BHW fellows.

    I have few questions regarding SEO services etc.
    So asking this...i see there is alot of SEO service providers on this forum..and most of them are LEGIT...i purchased few for me aswell.
    I have idea to set up few websites offering SEO services in different Areas of the globe..i have friends who might help me get clients in Asia, USA and Europe.
    My SEO knowledge is basic..i cant provide any services on my own..but i was thinking...if i could get few ppl or one person to team up with me providing services such as PR, HQ Backlinks, First page on Google etc..this is pretty much hot in Local businesses...

    My idea was to offer services to different companies and i could arrange administration and i need someone to do SEO job.
    Also...we split profit on reasonable percentage so everyone happy :)

    I find you job to get paid, i get paid, local dealers got paid..and we all happy :)
    This is just an idea..and im not looking for JV here or something..just thinking about possible option for future income.

    So...if anyone have any suggestion or something feel free to share.

    Also..i know im kinda new on forum..and i know there is alot of scammers...please dont judge newbie because his post count! :)

    Thanks guys and thanks for reading.