General Information Concerning The Importance Of Measureing Engagement

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    Engagement should be a mandatory element of every online marketing campaign.

    • Its far better to have a customer who is engaged with your (company, website or brand), then one who is not engaged.
    • Engagement Milestones or Markers should be set to evaluate the impact of an online campaign, this way adjustments can be made accordingly if necessary.
    • Engagement allows marketers to evaluate the quality of a lead. For example of you have 2 leads, lead A only opted into your email newsletter while lead B opted in AND "liked" your Facebook page AND gave you a "+1" on Google, it's clear to see which lead is more engaged.
    • Ultimately, greater engagement should yield more conversion and profitability.
    • Just imagine if you had an opted in and highly engaged list, conversions may be easier to generate?