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Gem hiding in plain sight (TLDR)

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by lmxftw, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. lmxftw

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    Mar 11, 2013
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    First off, just so that you get my way of thinking, I will enumerate some of the crap I've done over the years... crap which is of the offline nature

    I started out working as an usher at the local cinema place and did that for a year or so ... money was bad but i was at that age in my life when i just wanted to get a bit of financial freedom from my parents and even help them with the bills because they were going through a rough patch. After a year of working my ass off i decided i want a promotion (from usher to the projection set) and instead i got a foot up my ass in the form of a nifty compliment "we can't promote you because you're too good at your job" and decided to leave my job just because it was offering no future prospects.

    After about 2 months I got hired at a boutique in the nearby supermarket (it was on the hallway of the supermarket) and I was doing promotional stuff (t-shirts, mugs, watches, lighters...etc) which was also sold off as "funny presents" and I worked there for another year doing the daily grind, the money was good for that time and I really enjoyed what I was doing but the guy I worked for wasn't going to hire me on the books any time soon and it was rather frustrating working without paperwork so I left

    Another 2-3 months passed and I got a job at a bar that belonged to a friend of my fathers... I enjoy my tea Long Island style so I got the gist of it pretty quick and was doing really well. I had a friend who worked at a night club in my town and after talking with him he managed to get me a job as a bartenders maid (helper) because I didn't have enough work experience for such volume of customers ... I managed to get promoted to full bartender in about 2 months (thank God for lazy ass people who tend to get fired) and was raking up nice money and even phone numbers but unfortunately the club closed so I was back at ground zero... needless to say I could get another job in this domain but I was starting to develop a drinking problem (working in night clubs does that to you) so I decided it's best to get on another horse ... a more sober one... but faith had other plans for me and the manager from the night club that just got closed called me because he had a job at a cafè and needed personnel. I had nothing better to do so I said why not... Now the cafè was recently opened and had basically no customers so I was spending my work day doing jack...

    One lucky day
    ,the manager calls me and says "Hey Mike we're having an event this weekend so can you please create some event on Facebook just to get people's attention?" ... as I was bored out of my mind and it was too early in the morning to start drinking I said yes and created the event... Now the FB profile of that cafè wasn't a page but a normal one and I told the guy I'm not going to waste my time on clicking 5000 yes boxes in order to invite those people to the event... so I started searching for an automated way and stumbled upon iMacros ... and I saw it was good ... I mean really good (for me at that time anyways) and while I was searching for scripts to automate the "add to event" thingy I saw that there were scripts for .. well everything... and I came across something called AddMeFast Facebook Likes Script ... not knowing what AMF was I hoped that was some hoodoo script that generates FB likes so I download it and start it ... I was redirected onto the AMF page and saw that it was offering a lot of social crap (useless to me then) just for you click on some buttons ... or just for you leaving your PC on :) so I started gathering points, working with 3-4 instances of FF at a time and I was just giving myself FB likes, shares, etc, joining contests to win free crap but something happened and I got to a point where the scripts weren't enough so I said to myself ... "hey jackass ... someone must've made an automated clicker to go with this ... start looking for it" and after some G searches i ended up on BHW and even now i consider that day to be the luckiest day of my life.

    After about 3 weeks I quit my job at the cafè and started to do some CPA offers and some YT videos and even though my first online payment was 12$ I was happy... I finally had a way to stay home and work for myself! I WAS ECSTATIC! I realized that those 12$ were the most important thing in my life at that time... they were a statement, a proof that it can be done, and I was shortly calculating how many times I need to earn those 12$ in a month in order to gain financial freedom ... for me it was 30 ... I had to earn 12$ 30 times a month (12$/day) ... so I started to look at how I made those 12$ and recreating the process ... the next month I made 450$... and it was good but not good enough so I decided that the CPA game was just not cutting it for me so I left it at that (still gaining ~250$/mo without any time invested in it) and started bettering myself in SEO and applying what I know about marketing towards the SEO game and create weird ranking strategies by reverse engineering the known ranking facts and methods ... I managed to get first page rankings for competitive terms with stupid methods based on targeting LSI keywords with low search volumes in bulk...

    A lot of the questions I asked on this forum might have passed off as weird, stupid or even borderline idiotic but in the end, when I found the answer I was looking for ... it helped towards creating strategies and methods that work and managed to bypass algo filters and any type of cute and cuddly animal (Panda/Penguin) and for that I need to thank YOU!

    For those of you who read through this... I honestly hope you can find the gem :)
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  2. srinu0812

    srinu0812 Supreme Member

    Nov 1, 2012
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    Take Action! Excel in the area which interests you :)
    Well done lmxftw. I was watching your posts since your join, to the day where you were arguing with another JR.VIP regarding the longest user title on BHW ;)
    Well done mate.
  3. ArtVandelay

    ArtVandelay Power Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    Yes, I got them gem! Don't do too good of a job or else you won't get promoted because your position couldn't be fulfilled to the capacity that you did by any other.
    Thanks and I'll be applying that to everything I do in life!

    On the real, though, you deserve to be where you are now so all the power to you!
    I've always enjoyed reading your posts. Er- most of the time. :p
    You've accomplished more in the last 6 months of BHW membership than many do in their careers!