Gawker Media integrates with Kinja - new source of Web 2.0 dominance

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    I don't know if any of you are Gawker Media fans, but some of their major websites got relaunched to Kinja which is a Web 2.0 property.

    After playing around with the Kinja UI, I've noticed one glaring thing: Any and all links you publish are technically a blog post of sorts (even if it's a comment) and they are do follow.

    So then a story like THIS:
    PR: 6

    Click on discussion, insert URL and text and there you have a free PR 6 link.

    Now they haven't implemented this for all the Gawker websites now, however Deadspin, i09 and Jalopnik are on it now with other major sites like Gawker, Kotaku etc to follow.

    Anybody else want to have a look to verify this, because I can't imagine such a major media network make a glaring fault such a having do follow links in there content.

    [EDIT]: Disregards the uber abusive PR trick, the comments seem to be loaded in AJAX so a Googlebot won't see them. However, still new Web 2.0 based off old one is a new Web.20
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