Gathering Information on How to Promote CPA Offers for Free Without a Website

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    Hi everyone! :)

    Fortunately, I have been accepted in some great CPA Networks, and I'm learning as much as I can to do this business.

    Currently, I'm researching and collecting information on how to promote the offers without a website for free. I will be extremely grateful if you share some information on these promotion methods with me.

    I'm perfectly aware that, in the long term, this is not the way to go; however, as I have very hard economic problems at the moment, I want to start completely from 0 and reinvest every little income that I can earn so I can get a domain, hosting, tracking system for the offers, auto-responder, paid advertising, memberships like The Dojo, books, courses and all of those tools that will help me make this business pretty solid in the long term.

    Also, I know that there are ways to create websites and blogs for free, but as I have very little free time due to my work, I'd like to learn how to promote offers without having to build websites or blogs. Once I generate $13 a day (which, believe it or not, is my salary at my current job that takes nearly 10 to 11 hours of my day), I can devote a lot more time to this business.

    I want this thread to be useful for other beginners like me, so I will gather all the information that you share with me in this post, so it can serve as a mini-guide.

    So far, all the methods that I've come to know that can be done to promote CPA offers without a website, for free, are the following:

    • Article Marketing
    • Free Classified Ads
    • Posting in Niche Blogs and Forums (if they allow it)
    • Social Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, etc.
    • Video Marketing
    I'll be adding more methods as I find them or you share them with me in this thread.

    At the moment, I'm still researching on how to do these methods so they can be effective; however, if I find websites that can provide some good and brief information on how to do them, I'll add them here as well. Also, if you share websites with more information on how to do these methods, that would be awesome! :D

    Well, what do you think? Are there more promotion methods that can be done for free, without a website, and are not listed in this post?

    If there are more, please share them so we can have more options to get started!

    Also, is it possible to earn at least $13 a day with these methods? I'd love to know!

    Thanks a lot in advance for your attention and your help!

    Have a very good day! :D