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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by xalasar, May 25, 2012.

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    First of all, Hello! I'm new here, I've been poking around and I really liked the community so I decided to make an account in an attempt to be more involved. My friend and I are setting up a gaming news website (I know there're a lot of those out there, so this might be tough). We are using 00webhost to host it, since it's free, and we're also using wordpress. We have divided the work: I'll post content and he'll take care of all the plugins and stuff like that since he has more experience using wordpress. We were wondering if you guys know of any useful plugins that you can recommend for us. We would also like to ask you for advice on how to have traffic on our website. Thanks in advance :D

    I know there're other posts that talk about this but I wanted to get advice for my situation *i don't know the best way to call it xD*
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    Since you are in gaming niche.. youtube is the best way to get gamers traffic.

    Am not sure what product or servises you are going to sell or get profit from. Put as a wow former player, I have seen the progress success of a player who started posting youtube video for fun and now he is one of the best sellers for razer naga products.

    For writing content, try to add as much informational guides for free in exchange for visitores email address for future use "optin".

    Wordpress plugin and stuff is not hard or need a real skill to deal with. Since you are going to care about the content,witch is a really hard task, your friend should take care of SEO and promoting the site to get more visitors.

    It is really good to start IM with a friend, hope you get fame and profits soon...
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    Check out my gaming websites at:



    I'm doing autoblogging with each. One important thing to remember with gaming websites is to choose a good gaming look. Gamers tend to be more picky than most - and it lends an air of professionalism.

    A few I might recommend:


    As kunu mentioned, YouTube is a great way to advertise. Other things are articles and forum posts that link back to your site.

    You could also advertise on twitter and facebook, provided you have a decent audience - or can get someone who does have good base and ask them/pay them to do it.
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