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    One of my better nwtworks I am with is Advaliant. Well about 3 weeks ago I call AND email them for their fax number to send my W-9 so i can get paid. I dont have much in my account but enough to want the money.

    I speak to my AM he gives me the fax number. I fax it over successfully then then call back a few days to confirm because (all Advaliant members know this) the status of weather your W-9 is on file or not appears in your profile. Well it didnt appear yet. So I called to confirm they got it. My AM says yes we have it.

    So a week goes by and it STILL isnt updated in my profile. So I email him directly he emails me back the next day saying it is on file but it wont show on file in my profile. Yeah ok we all see where this is going to go when it is time for me to get my money.

    They are going to say they cant pay me cause they dont have my W-9 I am going to say well my AM said he had it and also he said it in this email (will forward said email). They probably will come back with some bullshit well we dont have it and cant send out the checkk until we do fax it over again for us. So they can delay paying another month. Then it will be some more bullshit that month probably.

    Just a heads up to watch for this. After faxing my W-9's I pester the shit out of the networks if they dont email me to confirm they got it. Hydra and Leadermarkets did email me without me having to ask status.

    Just a FYI for you all

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    What do they offer? Like games/online games??